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Classic Italian Beds

Classic to Modern Beds of Italian Design

The bedroom is a place for romance, reading and fine luxury. Italians are reputed for their romantic nature and their never-ending quest for luxury. Antique Roman furniture is renowned for its sheer elegance and classic detailing – something found in Italian furniture even today!


Think retro, think glam!

When it comes to fine bedrooms nothing beats the Italians! The Fenice classic Italian bed, shown below, is a thing of great beauty. Bring in an air of old world charm into your bedroom by using such a classic piece with large airy windows. Try using sheer drapes over such windows so that maximum sunlight comes through and highlights the bed! For an even more retro look try having long bed pillars with sheer curtain drapes all around.

Fenice classic Italian bed

This will give the bed and the bedroom an air of mystery and romance. Wood is almost always the preferred material in any Italian bed. Most popular choices include fine woods such as mahogany, oak, maple, cherry etc. No matter which wood type you choose make sure that it has a dull wax finish on it in order to provide a rich sheen to it.


Décor styles

There is virtually no limit to your imagination when it comes to decorating your bedroom in classic Italian styles. Whether you are a lover of antique furniture or more modern varieties you can take your pick as per preference. For a more eclectic style and urban look to your bedroom try having a Florence classic Italian bed, shown below, to complement the look. You could use rich dark leather accents on the headboards to provide a cushiony relaxing support when you are reclining on the bed. For woods like walnut and mahogany which are generally dark hued light colored linen goes best. Think white, beige, pale yellow and cream to perfectly offset such a look!

Florence classic Italian style bed

For a more interesting look you could even have wrought iron chairs placed around the bed. Have a modern chic night lamp placed on a bed stand to accentuate the trendy look of the bedroom. For a more classic, glamorous retro style you could select a lovely Ducale classic Italian sofa shown below to provide a luxurious look. Combine this look with antique Italian Frescos or an antique lamp you bought at a store and you have a classically designed Italian bedroom!

Ducale classic sofa bed


Romantic Bedrooms

If you like your bedroom to exude an aura of romance then there are loads of options to choose from! Try going for a Suez classic Italian bed and Suite. You could have a dark, chocolate wallpaper to decorate the walls and further accentuate them with wrought iron lamps that are intricately carved.

Romantic classic bed

You can even have a cozy fireplace in the bedroom to add to a sense of romance. Have ruffled chocolate colored satin sheets and you have set the tone for a fabulous night ahead! In fact the higher the ceiling of the bedroom the better your room will look. If you savor the old world style of décor in Italian homes then a beautiful Rebecca classic Italian bed will complement your style.

Rebecca classic romantic bed

These classic and antique styled beds will look good only if you have a large bedroom. So do keep this factor in mind when buying bedroom furniture for your home!


Drawers to complement the bedroom

If you thought bedroom drawers were only to store things then think again! Italians are known to pay attention to a lot of detail and this is applicable even in the case of bedroom drawers. A stunning set of drawers like the Diva modern Italian chest of drawers, shown below, will leave guests in awe! This kind of a chest of drawers is great especially when space is a constraint in your home.

Diva modern chest of drawers

You can accentuate this with a cute flower vase with some colorful flowers in it. Most antique Italian homes will not have a chest of drawers. This trend emerged only in order to cater to the modern demand for storage solutions that were chic as well.

Drawers such as the Ego modern Italian chest of drawers, shown below, are fabulous accents for large bedrooms and spaces. Since these are large sized try to use them only if you have ample space in the room else it will look cluttered. Also, a key mistake many people make is to use large showpieces when the drawers are large. Italian homes never make this mistake. Instead they will accentuate such drawers with small embellishments and accents.

Ego modern Italian chest


Do up your dressing table!

For women the dressing table is a place where they spend a lot of time! Italian women are a vain lot and they want their dressing tables to be fine and gorgeous looking, just like them! Take for example the classic Alisei Contemporary Console. Its timeless beauty combined with the rich dark hue makes it a perfect accent to any bedroom!

Alisei contemporary console

The dresser extends out like an elaborate furniture piece and you can even embellish it with a cute jewelry stand! For an even vainer looking piece the beautiful Soho modern Italian dresser shown below, is a stylistically designed furniture piece. The large mirror complements any woman’s appearance and you can spend hours in front of such a dresser applying makeup and just glorifying your beauty!

Soho modern dresser


Chic stylish dressers

For those who want their home to be stylistically decorated in a more modern style the Foulard dresser is perfect. You can combine storage and aesthetics with such a dresser. There are plenty of things that can be stored inside such a dresser right from cosmetics to hygiene items to even books. So when you purchase a dresser for your bedroom make sure that it serves functionality and aesthetic appeal as well.

Foulard Italian dresser

These large kinds of dressers can also double up as places to showcase cute memorabilia. You can have a lovely translucent white flower vase placed on it or have an antique painting hanging overhead. If you want a more eclectic and modern looking ambience combine such dressers with bold colored abstract paintings on the walls. Geometric patterns and vibrant colors like red and navy blue all add up to a chic and trendy home.


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