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As you may know, the Italians are dominantly Catholics. The headquarter of the Catholic Church is in the papal state, the Vatican City, in Rome, Italy. Also, the head of the Catholic Church, the Pope lives in the Vatican.

In this section, you can learn about the religion in Italy, the Catholic Church, and also the history of Catholicism. Besides this, you can read about important figures of the Catholic Church, Popes, and important historic figures that were related to the church. You can read about the Saints of Italy and their stories. In Italy, every town and city has its own Saint that’s the protector of the specific place. But there are also Saints and protectors of different activities.

Within the Religion section, you can also learn about different religious traditions that are present in Italy. Also, you can learn about the religious celebrations and traditions that these celebrations come with. Some of these are the Pasqua (Eastern) and Natale (Christmas), among many others.