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The beauty of Italian history is that it’s one of the richest we know. In the History section on Life in Italy, you can have a quick overview of the history of Italy that looks back on more than 2000 years.

You can learn about the ancient times of the Roman Empire, as well as the fall of the empire. Then you can continue with learning about the Dark Ages in Italy, as well as the Middle Ages. The Roman Empire is a large topic to discuss on its own, but the Dark Ages and Middle Ages in Italy were almost as colorful as the previous century.

By stepping out of the Middle Ages in the 15th century, Italy entered another period, the Renaissance. Otherwise called the Rinascimento. This is the historical period in Italy that’s where art, music, architecture, science, and the basic mindset of people have been reborn. The world Rinascimento literally means rebirth.

With the end of the Renaissance Ages in Italy, came the New Ages, which were followed by the 19th century’s history of Italy. You can also read articles about things that happened in the 20th century. Over here, you can learn more about World War 1 and World War 2. Also, you can learn about life in Italy after WW2, the 70s’, 80s’ and 90s’ in Italy. Everything you want to find out about the country’s history is right here!