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Life in Italy is about Italy. We share daily news, tourism information as well as sports and other news. Life in Italy is about lifestyle, travel, food, tourism, culture, and much more. We’re working with our small team every day, to make Life in Italy the number one Italy portal for foreign readers.

If you’re looking for new partnerships, we have a few options how we’d like to work with you!

Work with Us – Life in Italy

If you’re on this page because you’re looking for a place to guest post, please read our guest posting guidelines and get in touch. Please note that free guest posting is available just for bloggers, and just if we find the suggested topics interesting for our readers.

Collaboration posts

We do welcome collaboration posts time-to-time. This can be anything from travel to food products, and more. If you’re a brand, a tourism board, or anything similar and you have an offer, please get in touch with us at

Sponsored posts can be written by us, or provided by you. Details to be discussed in the email.


If you wish to advertise on Life in Italy, you can do that! We provide a few banner spaces across the website for advertisers. Please get in touch to discuss further!

Brand Collaboration

Reviews, photography, and business tips for hotels, tourism boards, activities, brands, restaurants, and more…

Two of our team members, the project manager Helga Dosa is based in the Emilia Romagna region, available for in-person meetings and collaborations across Italy. Within the brand collaborations, we provide written articles, branded content, social media visibility as well as professional photography services. If you’re looking for this type of collaboration, please contact for details.

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