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New smoking bans in Italy: cigarettes halted

Further restrictions and new smoking bans are on the horizon in Italy, aligning with new regulations proposed by many European countries. This is the decision of the state authorities, who aim to curb the consumption of tobacco products to reduce the concentration of pollutants in the air.

However, uniform legislation is still lacking, with prohibitions varying between cities depending on the stance of the mayor. Therefore, my advice to tourists is to adequately inform themselves in advance to avoid, unfortunately, running into hefty fines that can exceed 200 euros.

Milan and its secret dream of becoming smoke-free

In the Milanese territory, the ban on smoking in areas designated for public green spaces, such as gardens, parks, or public courtyards (Article 9 of 2021), was already in place. The exception for smokers was limited to isolated areas with a minimum distance of 10 meters between people. As of now, smoking is also prohibited near cemeteries, dog areas, and public stops for buses, trams, and taxis.

The new anti-smoking policy will come into effect on January 1, 2025, and it’s a further extension of what’s already in place. The smoking ban will thus be extended to all public areas or areas for public use, including streets, except in isolated places where it’s possible to maintain a distance of at least 10 meters from people.

With the new smoking ban in Italy, fines can exceed 200 euros

Milan aims to become smoke-free within a few years, without jokes. For transgressors, a fine ranging from 40 to 240 euros is envisaged.

New outdoor smoking bans in Turin

Turin responds ardently to the trail of change proposed by Milan, tightening the already existing regulations. The clampdown of the Piedmontese capital establishes a ban on smoking cigarettes, pipes, heated tobacco, and even electronic cigarettes within a distance of less than 5 meters from other people (unless with their consent).

In Turin, electronic cigarettes are equated with traditional cigarettes, while in Milan, these smokers can also access smoke-free areas. The regulations in force in different cities are very different and often in antithesis with each other, which is why tourists in Italy must always keep their eyes wide open.

Furthermore, smoking in the vicinity of children and pregnant women is prohibited. For those who violate the regulations, a fine of 100 euros is foreseen (compared to the 40–240 euros envisaged in Milan).

The situation in the rest of Europe

As uniform laws are lacking in Italian territory, the situation in the rest of Europe appears to be even more chaotic. In Italy, several coastal areas are proposing smoking bans, but in the absence of official municipal directives, the ban does not effectively exist. In contrast, in France, smoking is prohibited on beaches in Nice.

Currently, France, and Portugal are the advocates of the proposed smoking ban: a trend that our beloved Italy is also following.

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