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Formal Rectangular Table – A Must Have!

Formal Dining Tables

Italian furniture is all about looking neat and comfortable, while at the same time adding a touch of elegance to the proceedings. One of the perfect examples of this is a formal Italian rectangular table that offers a whole range of size and customization to choose from and also allows home or office owners to use their space in an effective manner.

Why Italian Design?

Italian design has been popular throughout ages, and this is an achievement that not many other design styles can equal. Formal Italian dining tables are either available in the contemporary style or the old world style. People who go in for the old-world Italian design will actually be bringing in the inherent charm of Italy into their homes or offices.


Quite a few formal rectangular tables are designed in the Tuscan or Renaissance style which not only makes them a work of art, but also high on functionality. Such tables are creativity at its best as they have a grand Italian look about them, which is tailor-made for strong visual appeal. A word of caution though; you might not want to go for heavy and ornate furniture and would like something light, so that it could be moved easily.

italy table formal furniture

Italian furniture has a whole range of choices that you can pick from, and you can also get the best of formal rectangular tables, which are light, yet, beautiful for the eyes.

Formal Rectangular Table and Usage

Before you buy a formal rectangular table, you must be clear as to its usage. As aforementioned, the choices in this regard are immense and it’s easy to get confused. As far as Italian designs for formal rectangular tables go, you can either use these tables as dining tables or side tables.

As can be seen, it all depends on the size. A large table is a good choice if you are using it for dining purposes or even as a conference table. Moreover, you can also use the small version of the Italian formal rectangular tables as a study table. If you frequently host large dinners then you must get a large table, which has the linear expressionist lines that characterize Italian designs.

formal table italian

Style and the Formal Rectangular Table

Now that you have decided to go for an Italian styled table, don’t think your decision ends here. You must pick a table that complements that architecture of your home or office. It is the décor and various other elements of the room that will dictate your choice of an Italian formal rectangular table.

Some of the styles that you can go for are:

Crystal Top Rectangular Table

crystal table italian design

These tables are also available in the extendable variety and as the name suggests, they have a crystal top that has a mirror finish. Like many Italian designs the table also has an incised drawing on its surface and the overall structure is made up of reflective stainless steel, with a shiny finish.

Solid Wood Rectangular Table

simple italian table wood

This is one of the simpler forms of a formal rectangular tables and its structure is formed with a rectangular wooden top and 4 supports or legs. The curved faces and sides and the triangular section, make it easy to recognize it as an Italian design.

These tables can be made of a host of materials, but try selecting formal rectangular tables made from those materials that are to be found elsewhere in your home or office. For e.g. if it’s a pine wood table that you choose, then it would be great if you have pinewood elements in various rooms of your home or office or in the same room.

For the Quality and Aesthetic Conscious

Not many people give due importance to the aesthetic value of a formal rectangular table. For such people, who don’t want to rack their brains on this front, the choice of an Italian design will be perfect for their requirements. Italian styled furniture is synonymous with painstaking workmanship and superior quality. There is an attention to even the minutest of details and such craftsmanship increases the aesthetic value of the piece manifold.

Even for those people, who are fussy about the kind of furniture they buy, the exquisite finishing touches of both contemporary and old-word formal tables will captivate them no end. Thus, this type of style is a good all round choice for everybody and anybody.

A Matter of Pride

It can be said that if you are looking for classic well made formal rectangular tables then you must choose one that showcases an Italian design or style. Such pieces will stand the test of time, and will offer you a measure of pride in the fact that you own such a piece. The great attribute of Italians style furniture pieces is that the age like wine. The older they get, the better they look.

Formal rectangular tables that are molded around an Italian design are definitely a matter of pride as they are found on the cornerstones, of stability, reliability, beauty, and all round value. It’s difficult to go wrong with them.

An Inviting Look

It’s said that furniture pieces must be such that, they must have an inviting look about them. This means that once people look at a furniture piece, it should be very difficult for them to resist making use of them.

A formal rectangular table, as the name suggests, will only be used for formal occasions. This could be the occasion of fine dining, or a business meeting. Whatever the case, the Italian design will call out to the user. This also creates an aura of comfort around the piece of furniture. One could go so far as to say that such tables will bring people closer together owing to this very quality.

At the end of the day, it’s your choice that will dictate the failure or acceptability of your formal rectangular table. Do remember that the color, style, design, and size must be commensurate with the purpose of the table. If you revolve your choice around these parameters, then you will definitely make the perfect choice.

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