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Dining Room Chairs

Classic Dining Room Chairs

Italian Furniture

Throughout the years Italian furniture has been regarded in high esteem. This is attributed to the basic classical Italian furniture design. Italian furniture is constantly undergoing changes – encompassing modern societal demands and needs. A wide variety of upholstery including fabric also contributes to the popularity of this European style furniture. Italian furniture can be distinctly classified into three eras:

  • The Early Italian furniture
  • Post War Contemporary Italian furniture
  • Combination modern Italian décor

Early Italian furniture was austere and regal in nature accentuated by straight lines, classical finishes in walnut oak and teak. These early pieces of furniture can be traced back to the era before the First World War i.e. before 1914. The furniture was characterized by ornate brass holdings, mammoth dining tables and chairs and long wooden posts. The furniture of this era belonged to the regal and the common class society. On one hand, there was big sized ostentatious furniture made out of Mahoney and teak with ornamentation and finishing of silver. On the other hand, the Italian common class used working furniture made out of waste materials.

Post War Contemporary Italian Furniture

This type of furniture rose into prominence after the Second World War. The furniture can be distinguished by the mark of minimalism or simple austerity. The range of furniture included:

  • King size beds and intricate bedtime tables with lamps
  • Dining tables which were usually square or oval in shape. Round shaped dining tables were not patronized. Stress was placed on ‘beauty and grace with ornamentation’
  • Lounge room couches and tables
  • Bookshelves
  • Bathroom, fittings and drawer chests

The materials used were imported from USA and Asia i.e. oak, teak and pine. In some cases, the tables and chairs were coated or lined with precious stones and gold plates. Contemporary Italian furniture was patriotic in nature based on Italian architectural design.

Modern Italian décor

Today, Italian décor is marked by its natural lines and classical finishes. Italian furniture is a combination of the old wasteful methods and contemporary methods of developing furniture. Modern décor of Italy is highly popular being lightweight, portable, reusable, durable and even washable. Italian interior decorators have created furniture items out of disposable, washable natural resources. Some Italian furniture products are exported overseas to USA, Australia, UK, Germany and Asia. These include items such as dining room chairs, tables for lounges, patios and dining rooms, chests and bathroom fittings. Modern décor no longer relies on varied wood finishes and laminates. New and environmental friendly resources are used such as cane and plastic which can be recycled to avoid harmful waste.

Classic Italian wooden dining chairs

The solid wood Italian dining room chair: These chairs date bate to the early Italian furniture trend. They are made out of solid word, pertaining to teak, pine, oak and walnut. The chairs’ are still used and sold in rural parts of Italy. According to a recent ruling by the Environment Council, Europe, furniture items made out of wood should no longer be manufactured. Consequently, workshops all over Italy are exporting solid wooden dining chairs to India, China, Cuba and USA.

dining chair italian furniture

The main advantage of these chairs is their durability. They are highly resistant to fire, water and corrosive action, physical damage and acid attacks. The upholstery used in these chairs ranges from cotton, satin and sponge. The chairs are marked with intricate decorations usually inspired by Italian masonry.

Modern classic Italian Dining Room chairs

This modern classic chair shown below has come into vogue since 2002. It combines modern societal attitude and lifestyle with traditional classic Italian furniture. The chairs take into consideration the changes in dining room arrangement.

modern classic italian furniture

They have consequently been designed as stool chairs to be placed round a dining room or kitchen counter. The chairs are made out of steel wood with finishes of ebony and Wenge. It is also called the Lift Swivel Bar Stool or Counter Stool in USA and China. Specifically, the chair is a wood box is perched upon an adjustable steel stem.

Modern Light dining room chair

Made from chrome with finishing of red and beige, this designer Italian chair shown below has been specially designed for the fast pace lifestyle of modern executives. The chair is portable and can be arranged in any room. The chair can be purchased as a single piece or, as a part of the Italian dining room set. The set consist of a total of four chairs.

designer italian chair light

The chairs are affordable catering to the middle class consumer. The tips of the chrome chair are fitted with rounded balls or cups of stainless steel to avoid any floor damage due to scratches. In some cases, these light weight chairs have Teflon tipped cups and sockets. These chairs come in one piece or, can be taken apart and arranged later. The fabric is custom designed with traces of rubber, nylon and fire proof upholstery. This gives the chair cushion a shine and feeling of puffiness.

Modern wooden Teflon dining room chair

This modern classical dining room chair shown below is long and narrow. It is usually made out of pine and coated with Teflon. In some instances, the entire chair is made out of Teflon. This makes the chair portable and stylish but not durable. The chair can have a varied pick of upholstery ranging from wood cushion to sponge with finishing of beech, cherry and black lacquered. The seat finishing is handcrafted from cord from India.

modern dining room italy

These chairs come with seats made out of natural or processed black and brown leather. The seat cushions are made out of ‘madras cord’ and are padded for comfort. The chairs are not exclusive to dining room usage with excessive usage in conference rooms and halls. The chair legs are narrow and tapering in shape, fitted with screws to adjust the size.

Modern Italian décor is environmental friendly with heavy emphasis on recycling and portability ability. The primary objective of Italian dining room chairs is to provide style, comfort at affordable prices and not at the expense of environment. Consequently, modern Italian dining room chairs combine elements of minimalism and traditional classic design.

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