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Modern Italian Tables

Modern Design Tables

Among the popular styles of contemporary Italian furniture are Renaissance, Classic, Tuscan and modern contemporary. Furniture design holds the place of a skilled trade in Italy and deft craftsmen have passed down the skills from one generation to the other for several hundred years.

formal hall italian furniture

With the efflux of time, styles have dramatically changed but the workmanship has always retained the high quality for which Italian furniture is known and they not only maintain the uniqueness and elegance of the furniture, but often are actual works of art in many cases.

formal italian wood furniture

The Renaissance style Italian furniture comes in a wide array of fashions. Large, heavy, very unique and ornate designs are part of every piece of furniture. The wood furniture often carry detailed carvings of virtually everything from fruits and birds to human figures or grotesque animals. The uniqueness of this décor is further enhanced by a combination of Roman and Gothic styles. However, the Renaissance furniture is often imposing in size and would be best suited for large spaces.

The Tuscan furniture is perhaps the more familiar version and derives its name from the Tuscany Valley in Italy. The Tuscan furniture also has two styles, one the more elegant design from Florence. The other and more common style is simpler and nearly rustic design that originated from the rural areas of Italy.

Formal Rectangle Table

A plethora of great table designs

Wide selections of Italian Tables are available in the market place. Chrome plated legs with glass tops, laminated tops, wooden tops etc. Tables with wrought iron frame work will lend a rustic look. The formal Italian rectangular table or the formal Italian dining table or the formal Dining room table are some of the samples you could consider.

Modern Buffets/Sideboards

Easy Buffet

Some of the Modern Italian Buffets/Sideboards that could interest you are, Modern Italian Buffet – the basic, Modern Italian Buffet – the easy and the modern Italian side board – China Club.

Basic Buffet

Various other models are also available in the market place to suit your tastes and budget.

Modern Italian Club Sideboard

Modern Coffee/Accent Tables

Nikos coffee table

You have an amazing variety of Coffee/Accent tables to choose from and the offerings come in different shapes/sizes which can address every single aspiration.

Giove coffee table

Some of the samples you could look at are: Contemporary Italian Coffee table – Giove or Contemporary coffee table – Dolmen or the Italian Stone coffee table – The Nikos.

Dolmen coffee table

Modern Cabinets/Consoles

Cabinets and Consoles occupy an important part in the Interior decoration of your home and the elegance of these cabinets adds to the ambience of the space.

Skyatos Mirror

You could look at some of these samples to aid your buying decision. Look at the Modern Italian Curio cabinet – Club 1, Modern Italian curio cabinet – Club 21 are shown below while the Italian stone console and mirror – the Skyatos, is shown above.

club cabinet modern furniture modern wood italian furniture
Club 21 on the left, Club 1 on the right

Modern Italian Chairs

Different types and styles of chairs are necessary for varying purposes and the Italian range offers wide choice to suit every purpose. The construction uses pure wood, combination of wood and metal, wood body with leather upholstery, metal frame with upholstered seat and back etc.

Malia chair design

Some of the samples you could view to help you through the selection process are: Modern Italian Chair – Malia, Modern leather chair – the Yuba or Modern Italian chair – Belinda. These are all shown below.

Yuba chair design

Belinda chair design

The Tuscan Range

The most familiar form of furniture to come out of Italy is the Tuscan furniture. The Tuscan furniture itself is said to belong to two different styles, the more elegant design furniture coming from Florence and the traditional and more common style of furniture that is simpler and rustic in design coming from the rural areas of Italy. Decoration with this style of furniture emphasizes on accent and accessory pieces rather than the furniture itself. The furniture is built sturdy and simple and is made to last long in different environments. The wood employed in the production of the Italian furniture is generally Chestnut, cypress and fir and the accents are provided in leather and iron.

Colors, stone and metal are other important aspects of decorating with Tuscan style accessories. When you are looking to lend a feeling of warmth and friendliness to the décor, a combination of deep rich red and cool Mediterranean blue are employed to bring about the effect. Accessories regularly involve the use of Granite, marble and limestone, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. Metals when used are generally in raw form, include iron, copper, and tin and are unpolished.

A combination of all the above elements are used in appropriate pieces to lend the home a peaceful, lived in, and relaxed feeling. Throw pillows and blankets decorated in the earthly colors with the country landscape depicted vividly, detailed wrought iron wall sconces and candle stands, colorful paintings and tapestries tell their own story when added to the simpler style Italian furniture. Bowls of colorful fruit (could be real or ceramic) adorn large family kitchen tables, linens or dishes are neatly displayed on open cupboards. For decoration or storage purposes, copper or terracotta pots are employed and can be used in any room of the house. Antique rugs will add the warmth and color to the wood or stone floors of your Tuscan designed room.

Superior Workmanship

Italian furniture, whether contemporary or modern, come with the same old world craftsmanship, but carry an astonishingly different look. The combination of wood, leather and chrome in ultra sleek smooth designs can offer a soothing experience to the most probing pair of eyes. Tables commonly use glass leaving the stylish slim curves of the chairs below to act as the focal point. The modern Italian furniture pieces are not simply functional but often doubles up as masterpieces of modern art.

If you are considering decorating your home with Italian furniture and accessories, you will essentially find a style to suit your taste, however demanding it may be. All the time you spent selecting the right pieces and arraying them in the different locations inside your house and of course the money you spend will at the end , turn out to be a very satisfying and rewarding experience.

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