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Living Rooms

Italian Living Rooms

Living Room Area

The living room is a place where Italians love to unwind either watching TV or just chatting with family members. The living room is therefore decorated with great care and attention to detail. Every aspect of the room is carefully thought out so the finished look is holistic.

Exquisite Décor

Italian homes convey opulence and yet if you look closely you would find that the components of the room are not too pricey. So while on one hand you would find a simple looking chair on the other side the homeowner would have complemented it with some fine, antique furniture which has perhaps been passed down generations. Take for example a Modern Italian Mirror which conveys a sense of artistic sensibility and modern design. It would look beautiful at the corner of your living room. For a nice elegant and sophisticated look in the living room you could also try using a double u modern Italian shelving unit.

Italian designed mirror

This unit combines fine aesthetics and loads of functionality as well. The delicate design of this unit will go very well with any living room. You could accentuate such a shelf by placing a small vase of flowers or some books which you want to read at leisure.

Urban and Chic chairs

Italians don’t just lay emphasis on the décor of the walls. They also lay equal emphasis on the chairs and seating arrangements they use for their living rooms. Since the living room is primarily a place for relaxation and unwinding the chairs must be comfortable while also looking stylish. Hence both luxury and comfort factor is important for the Italian homeowner. Take for example an elegant yet functional Pierce Trilo modern sectional sofa set shown below which has a lush brown suede finish.

Suede Pierce Trilo sofa

Such a sofa set is great because it is sectioned off into a 3+2 set to facilitate a disjoint seating arrangement. Italians also love a casual look to their living rooms. Think bean bags, recliners and you get the picture. You can complement such a look with large airy windows. However, since this is essentially a trendy, urban theme try not to blend in a classical theme by using flowing drapes. For an even trendier look to your living room you could have a beautiful black Modern Italian chair set. Complemented with metallic armrests such chairs will lend a sophisticated charm to your living rooms.

Italian modern chairs

Relaxation and Rest

Italians love to relax and spend a restful day at the living room. That is why the sofa needs to be very lush, soft and comfortable. Take for example the Fiore Contemporary Italian Sofa. Just one look at it and you feel like reclining and sleeping on it! This is the kind of comfort and luxury Italians love in their sofas.

Rodeo Sofa Set

So while such a sofa exudes plenty of style and personality especially with the curved base, it also provides a relaxing experience. If you do not prefer such a sober shade of color on your chairs then a more brilliant red or some such bold color will work well for you! This Modern Sectional Sofa – The Rodeo set (shown above) in blazing red is sure to set the living room on fire!

Antique Looks

Some Italians still love to preserve a touch of the classical and antique in their living rooms. Hence if they have been lucky they would typically have an antique, chair or center table handed down the generations. Many of them are made of high quality, solid wood like mahogany and oak varieties. These wood finishes have a very fine, luxurious texture to them and can make even an ordinary looking living room look like sheer opulence. Usually these chairs and furniture pieces will have a dull wax finish on them to add to the elegance and antiqueness of such designs. So if you too wish to replicate such a look try to look at flea markets or stores that sell such furniture pieces. However, most likely such pieces will be highly expensive. So keep that in mind while shopping!

Cluster Sofas

Cluster sofas are another emerging trend in most modern Italian homes. The idea is to use a conjoined or an L-shaped sofa set that offers ample seating space. Then have a splash by throwing in many cozy cushions on it! You could choose from monochrome palettes or get creative and opt for prints in myriad designs and colors! Take for example this simple yet brilliant Tower Jensing contemporary sofa set. It uses an elegant, rusty shade of red as its primary color and the cushions have an orange red shade on them.

Tower Jensino sofa set

The overall effect is simply fabulous and will blend in with any living room ambience! Since summer is round the corner the idea of having a true blue Italian living room is to use large, airy windows to let the sunshine in! You could use sheer glass interspersed with metallic grill or just go glass all the way for added luxury!

Summer Themes

As a rule during summer use light, pastel shades in your living room. Then when the colder months arrive you can use bolder and more brilliant color choices. The idea is in summer the air is hot as it is and using a bright or bold color in the living room will just make the room look hotter. Hence use cool colors like aqua, white, peach, cream, beige etc. Even turquoise is a brilliant summer color and you could blend it with mustard or lemon yellow for a sun and sand beach look in the living room! Maybe your sofa upholstery could be done up in pristine white while the curtain drapes are in brilliant aqua or turquoise!

Space Bianco modern sofa set

Your living room will look good enough to eat! For example this pristine white Space Bianco Modern sofa set in leather will offset the summer look perfectly in the living room! Some Italians prefer to keep a monochrome tone to the living room. So if you are going for white then try and stick to this color throughout. Maybe have a diversion here and there like a herb placed nearby to provide more drama.

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