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Classic Coffee Tables

The coffee table is a place to relax, unwind, gossip and have a great time! In Italian homes the coffee table is also a place where family members and friends get together to have a nice time. Therefore, a lot of thought is given to the design and style of the table as people spend a lot of time here.


Classic and Contemporary

When it comes to coffee tables Italians prefer a mix of contemporary designs and classic styles. Therefore you will find unusual combinations of fine antique woods such as oak and mahogany combined with modern materials like crystals and glass! Most of the wood chosen is extremely rugged and durable. Many of them are even resistant to fire and other weather elements. This makes these coffee tables last for years on end without any sort of damage. Even for glass topped tables the glass used is resistant to any sort of pressure or hitting.

Some of the glass varieties are so thick and durable that even hitting with a hammer will not break the glass! However, if you like to stick to classic designs and styles then a traditional wood finish looks best. You could opt for a classic Tuscan coffee table replete with round edges and stylistically designed legs. This is especially great if you have a living or dining room with a classic Tuscan theme to it!


Varied Shapes

Italians love to spend enough time thinking about the size and shape of the coffee table. Even you could do the same. For example if you have a room that is longer then wide you could have an oval shaped coffee table shown below. Such a simplistic design is great for a large sized room. You could decorate the coffee table with flower accents as well as miscellaneous items. Many people prefer carved edges on their coffee tables as it adds to the whole Italian look in the house. Most Italian homes will have an heirloom furniture piece and since these are antique they will almost always have detailed carvings and ornate design.

Classic Oval Coffee Table

However, if you are not so lucky you would have to buy such an antique piece which could turn out very expensive. So if you want to cheat and replicate the same antique look try a Maggiolini Style Round Table shown below. Although the table looks too simple to be true it is actually engraved with detailed carvings. On the top and sides of the table you will find detailed carvings. The long legs and circular shape of this table will accentuate any room. It almost seems ready to have a beautiful white vase with delicate flowers in it!

Maggiolini Round Table


Rich look = warm accents

Most Italian homes are characterized by a very rich looking interior. Although most of the items inside will not be matching sets they will almost always complement each other perfectly. For example if a particular room has beige and pastel shades predominant in the room the homeowner would have placed a classic Italian roundtable with a rich coffee hue on it. Such a rich and dark shade will perfectly contrast and complement a light hued room. For example picture such a table amidst plush, satin beige sofa covers or a sheer white curtain drape. The overall effect is fantastic and your room will rival the look of any interior décor magazine!

Classic Italian round table


Side Tables for Accents

Who doesn’t like a bit of variety? We all do! Italians prefer variety even more so! Whether it be in the number of toppings over their Pizzas or the accents to their coffee tables, variety is a key element in an Italian home. If you too want to replicate a varied look in your dining or living rooms try having a coffee table in conjunction with some nice accent tables. A cute set of Classic Italian Accent Tables will perfectly complement any room.

You could even align them differently in order to add an element of drama and mystique. These accent tables are not just for show. They serve a great deal of functionality as well. Use these to place your favorite showpieces or use them as placeholders for important items. You could even double up these accent tables as cute buffet tables!

You can also use the underside of such tables to keep your magazines and newspapers. Then sip on your cup of coffee and read up a nice book! You can add on a couple of accent tables to an existing coffee table. Many of these are available as a set of Classic Coffee and Side Tables. While these sets will be matched it doesn’t mean you have to match them perfectly. If you see a cute coffee table at a flea market, then make sure to pick it up. Then as time goes by you will surely find accenting tables that complement this coffee table. The idea is to mix and not perfectly match the tables.


Elegantly Designed

If you have a soft corner for elegant, slim designs then a Classic Italian Accent Table will do wonders for your room. The stylistically designed legs and slim design all add to the charisma of the room. You could use the underside of the table as a perfect place to keep an ashtray or some memorabilia you got during your travels! The dull wax finish of the top will reflect light in a brilliant fashion thereby adding up to the glamour quotient of your room.


Unusual Designs

Modern accent table

For the artist in us there are classic designs available in Italian coffee tables which lend a unique style statement to a room. Long spindly legs and curved accents on the side add to an element of fun and charisma. Many of them have ancient carvings and detailing reminiscent of antique furniture. However, the wood finish and materials used are very modernistic and durable. Therefore if you like to combine functionality and aesthetic appeal then these are the kind of coffee tables that are perfect for you!


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