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Pinocchio, an eternal classic

Since the book’s publication in 1881, the story of Pinocchio has become a classic. Even in the movies.

Benigni plays Geppetto for the Garrone movie. Image via.

Se dici le bugie ti si allunga il naso come a Pinocchio!

“If you lie, your nose will grow longer, just like Pinocchio’s!” Every Italian parent has said it, at least once. Still, this is one of the most loved and famous Italian fairytales. It’s a cultural phenomenon. A story of undying love.

Pinocchio, the book

The pen of Carlo Lorenzini (commonly known as Carlo Collodi) created this wooden puppet. The first edition of the book came out in 1881 and it tells the story of a father’s love.

Mastro Geppetto is a lonely carver in a dusty workshop. He longs for affection and he decides to built himself a son. Only, Geppetto builds him out of wood. He carves and carves, until the familiar face of Pinocchio appears. After many adventures, mishaps, and childish behaviors, the puppet grows. He grows and he becomes more mature. Finally, the puppet values the love of his father. After one last generous act, the Fairy turns the wooden puppet into a real boy.

When the naughty kids turn good, they have the virtue of making their families smile. They give them a new look, happier.

From the book of Pinocchio

Pinocchio in the movies

The adventures of the wooden puppet and Geppetto have long inspired directors worldwide. And, when mentioning the movies, it’s impossible not to mention the first one.

Walt Disney’s version

Walt Disney’s movie, via.

This movie was released in 1940. The artwork took almost five years because the producers didn’t want to rush into it. The animators built real clocks as props and, in the movie, they appear in Geppetto’s workshop. Fun fact: at first, the movie lost money. But only at first.

Seven years later, the first Italian edition of Pinocchio was released, directed by Giannetto Guardone. Until the 2002 version changed it all.

The 2002 movie

Pinocchio english
Pinocchio and the Fairy. Image via

Roberto Roberto Benigni is both the director and start of this movie. In fact, he plays the wooden puppet. And, perhaps because of this, it was a success. It was even the Italian candidate to the 75th Oscars. Although it didn’t win for the foreign category, it brought Italian cinema to the world stage.

Fun fact: this movie is still the most expensive production in Italian cinema. In fact, it cost almost $54 million.

The latest Pinocchio

Pinocchio english
Image via.

Matteo Garrone is the director of the latest adaptation. In 2019, he directed Roberto Benigni, only this time, he played Geppetto. While young actor Federico Ielapi plays the puppet. In Italy, this was the most watched movie during Christmas.

Fun fact: the movie is a candidate to the 2021 Oscars, in the Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling.

Collodi, the Italian town

Collodi is the hometown of Pinocchi. It’s in Pistoia, in Tuscany. Every year, the town celebrates the famous character with a festival, called Senza Fili. It all revolves around the puppet’s adventures. There is even a drawing competition.

The Parco di Collodi

The Parco di Collodi has been created in honor of the famous wooden puppet. Unlike any other amusement park, it has been conceived as a real temple of childhood. Visitors can experience the episodes of the book and meet its most famous characters.

Emilio Greco and a group of partners created the park in 1956. Its fame increased incessantly and it became well-known all over the world. Here, age doesn’t matter. Visitor can also enjoy the Museo di Pinocchio. The museum’s collection features pictures, costumes, and items. The park is also a great destination for literature lovers. In fact, the virtual library features different translations of the novel. While children can play or watch shows.

So, this story is an adventure all-around. It’s a cultural phenomenon, an amusement park, and a city. It’s Pinocchio at its best. A fairytale able to enchant viewers and readers. Even after centuries.

Garrone’s very own Pinocchio
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