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Classic Cabinets and Displays

Italian Designed Cabinets and Hutch

Cabinets and displays are a vital part of any Italian home. You will find such hutch displays beautifully decorated with showpieces, flowers and other interesting objects. So if you wish to have a classic Italian décor in your rooms make sure to invest in authentic Italian china cabinets.

Stylish Cabinets

Depending on the décor and ambience of your room you can select an appropriate cabinet or hutch display. Take for example this 2 door china cabinet shown below. The curved arched roof of the cabinet makes for an interesting piece to have. It lends a touch of magnificence and royalty to any dining space.

2 door China Cabinet

You can even have such a cabinet in-built into the wall to serve added functionality. When you build such a cabinet into the wall you save on space and this can work to your advantage if you have small rooms. Try having a sheer glass pane in front of the cabinet. Then place some beautiful china vases or sterling silver cutlery inside the cabinet. Your guests will envy your décor and style sense!

Multiple Doors

If you love large, spacious cabinets and if space always seems to be a problem then a 4 door china hutch will be perfect for you! This classic design is an imposing piece and since it has a 4 door opening shown below you can fit in that much more inside!

4 door hutch

There is a lot you can accommodate inside. Such a cabinet is a fantastic option for all those who adore space. If you have a large room then you can afford to invest in a Classic Italian Display Cabinet. While such a cabinet is large in size it is also spread across wide. Hence space is a must if you wish for such a cabinet. Place this cabinet at one of the corners or as a central portion of the room. Then place the dining table and chairs in the center of the floor. Such an arrangement brings in an illusion of more space in any dining space. You can decorate the room by placing a cute white vase with beautiful fresh flowers or as per your fancy.

Italian display furniture room

Buffet Spreads

Italians simply love entertaining, dining and fine wine! No wonder then that guests are a staple in every Italian home. Hence the importance of a classic buffet table can never be underestimated. Take for example this 3 door Hutch shown below. It is compact and yet makes an impression on your guests. Such a cabinet doubles up as a nice buffet table as well where you can place all your dishes as guests dine at your home! Such a cabinet blends in perfectly well with a classic wax finish wooden flooring. You can complement this look by having a small shelf at the side along with wooden dining table and chairs.

3 door hutch

However, since these cabinets are quite imposing you need to make sure the dining table and chairs do not occupy too much space. Otherwise the room will look much cluttered. Italians know the importance of space and hence never make the mistake of putting in too much furniture in a room. To accentuate the look of this room you can use a nice lamp on the shelf to add to the beauty.

Tuscan Style

Tuscans were known for their extensive usage of stone and intricate wooden furniture. For example this classic Tuscan style cabinet is great to accentuate any room. The gold peach combination of colors on the wood lends the room a sophisticated appearance. You can complement such a theme with stone flooring that has intricate detailing. Or you could even use rich brown drapes on the windows to bring out the richness of the cabinet. Too much sunlight is not needed when trying to replicate a Tuscan look in the room. Instead warm tones and earth hues are primarily used to recreate a natural ambience.

Tuscan Cabinet

The dining table and chairs can also be of a similar wood finish to perfectly complement the Tuscan cabinet. For a more contemporary and chic look to the room try using a Classic Italian Glass Display. This is a far cry from the rich Tuscan look. Instead it uses sheer, bright colors on the drapes like peach, white, beige etc. The room is filled with natural sunlight so the elegance of this cabinet shines through!

glass case italian cabinet

Imposing Pieces

If you like extravagance without the room screaming out loud then The Opera Classic Italian Hutch fits the bill perfectly. The stately cabinet sits quietly in a corner yet steals the show everytime someone walks into the room! The rich brown color coupled with shiny overtones reflects natural light superbly. Plus the cabinet is slender in design and hence does not overpower the room nor does it take up too much space.

hutch italian case furniture

Another great addition to have for any room is the Opera Corner Case. It fills in the corner of any wall perfectly and has a stylish glass pane over it. You can add to its beauty by placing some beautiful china inside or fantastic sterling silver cutlery inside. You can even accentuate the cabinet by adding a beautiful classic white vase on top.

corner case italian

Rooms with Warmth

Summer is around the corner and you want your rooms to exude a sun-kissed look. Well, you can do it perfectly the Italian way! For this you need to have large, airy windows to let in plenty of sunlight and mustard or pale lemon yellow walls. This automatically sets the tone for a warm, summery look. You can even go for wooden flooring as it offsets the yellow or mustard color on the walls very well. Then place a beautiful cabinet such as this china cabinet in the corner and watch heads turn in amazement!

The key to replicating the traditional Italian décor in your room is to blend and mix instead of trying to get everything to match perfectly. For example the shade of brown wood used in the cabinet mentioned above will look stunning with a yellow or mustard colored wall. Plus the dull wax finishing on the cabinet’s wood makes it look even more alluring.

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