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Classic China Cabinets

Combining Utility and Aesthetic Appeal

Your china is obviously your prized possession. Therefore having the right kind of china storage solution is of utmost importance. You can not only add functionality but also use these china cabinets to add décor and elegance to your dining space!

Dining Room Accents

The dining room holds a vital place in any Italian home. As aromatic smells waft through the air guests are served with authentic Italian fare. Often the food is cooked very slowly and with great attention to detail. There are many different varieties of china cabinets to choose from right from ones with oak and mahogany finished to those with veneer on them. No matter what the type of cabinet you select the design and carvings on them hold utmost importance.

You could have delicate, ornate edges around the cabinet and also use stained glass on the cabinet for a truly rustic Italian looking dining room! For a more modern appeal try using a compact 4 door china hutch with clean straight lines shown below.

hutch italian style furniture

Airy, classic rooms

Dining rooms in most Italian homes are typically quite large and contain large windows to let the sunshine in. So if you have a dining room that boasts these qualities you can have a cabinet made of maple that complements this look. The light pale pink look of such cabinets is exceptionally good to reflect light and give your dining space added airiness. If you prefer a more classic, solid and antique style then you could opt for a Tuscan styled cabinet shown at right. Try opting for such cabinets in pastel and light colours to truly show off the interiors of your dining space. You could have beautiful beige coloured curtains as a nice backdrop to your china cabinet. Even the dining table and chairs could be made using a light coloured wood such as Balsa wood or even Birch.

Myriad Designs

Classic Italian cabinets come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You will find shorter and wider cabinets as well as long and elegant ones. Depending on the shape and size of your dining room you can select accordingly. For example if space is a constraint then a vertically placed classic Italian glass display, shown below right, can do wonders to decorate the room.

Besides, the long and clean lines provide more space to the room without taking away from its beauty. Combine this theme with a classic white sheer curtain as the backdrop and you have a winner! If you wish to accentuate a certain corner of the room you could even make use of a classic Italian corner case shown above and left. This way you add an element of interest to a specific portion of the dining room. You can accentuate the cabinet with beautiful flower vases or other artefacts.

Built-In Cabinets

There are some homes where you will find the china cabinet built inside the wall. This is a novel concept as it takes up very little space in the room. For example a beautifully crafted Classic Italian Hutch made with antique, glossy wood finish is a superb complement to wooden flooring. You could hang a couple of miniature antique paintings near the cabinet to lend a classic, Italian theme to your dining room. In order to ensure your cabinet has sufficient visibility you need to place the dining table and chairs slightly away. That way guests can get a holistic view of the cabinet properly.

Simple Solutions

Some people prefer an uncomplicated, hassle-free approach when it comes to decorating their interiors. While factors like maintenance and portability need to be considered while designing a china cabinet aesthetics cannot be compromised. If you prefer a fuss-free approach to decorating your dining room a small and compact classic Italian cabinet, shown right, works best. Usually in such cabinets the usage of wood is less and instead most of the space is occupied by glass. That gives the cabinet a less heavy appearance. Plus it ensures better visibility of the china placed inside the cabinet. There are also several modular cabinets available these days that can perfectly complement any dining room’s interior. You could split up a single cabinet into two smaller modular cabinets to ensure better portability and make the room appear more spacious.

Fancy and decorative cabinets

There are many varieties of highly intricate and ornate china cabinets that can look stunning in a large dining room. If you are one of those lucky ones to have a spacious dining room then there is a lot you can do to spruce it up – Italian style. You could hang antique Italian frescos on the walls or even have the walls done up in Tuscan stone for a more classic effect. Even the flooring can be made of similar stone or even wood if you prefer it. You could have a large classic Italian China cabinet,  shown left, placed against the central wall of the room. This will help provide more focus to the cabinet. However, in order to truly make the cabinet stand out the lighting should be effective. Try and utilize natural lighting as much as possible. Large arched windows provide a fitting backdrop to such large cabinets. Make sure to select your window drapes accordingly.

Ornate Choices

If you are the type who likes your furniture to be heavy and ornamental then a good wood choice in your china cabinet would be cherry. This dark hued wood provides an excellent backdrop to almost any dining space. Many china cabinets also have a hutch or buffet included in them to provide more functionality. Some of these cabinets have intricate carvings on the wood surface to lend a classic, vintage charm to the room. The number of compartments is also elaborate and usually in a single cabinet you will have more compartments than you could handle!

So if you have a beige coloured wall such a dark coloured walnut or oak cabinet will look fabulous. You could even accentuate this cabinet by having white china placed inside for added contrast and effect. Instead of trying to get a matching dining set try and mix this look with a set you love. That way you have a unique classic Italian look that is sure to gain admiration.

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