Fabric Selection

Choosing the Right Fabric for your Chairs

Your chairs are not complete till they have the right kind of fabric to go with them. When it comes to a classic Italian interior design fabric selection is of utmost importance. Most traditional Italians lay great emphasis on the choice of fabrics. Usually bold and vibrant colors and themes are chosen although pastel shades may also be selected depending on the room’s décor.


Classic Combinations

From classic embroidered fabrics to more modern prints the range of fabrics today is truly astounding. Today the modern Italian people prefer to choose removable fabric which is easy to wash and maintain. While most Italians tend to favor the classic and antique looking fabrics the stress is also on easy maintenance. Therefore you have fabrics which lend themselves easily to washing. The focus therefore is about blending in modern functionality with classic designs. Depending on the kind of chairs and décor you have in the room you can select the fabric of choice.

Left: Mustard and beige stripes     Right: Red and beige pattern

For example, if you have cane furniture then a simple yet striking combination of mustard and beige colored stripes will greatly enhance the look of the room. This kind of design is not only very trendy but also very subtle so it does not overpower the look of the room in any way. If you like bold colors then a combination of classic rust red and beige geometric patterns will look fabulous.

Range of Fabrics

When it comes to fine Italian décor you will find no dearth of fabrics. You can find great choices in both fine leather as well as fabric. Today leather is becoming less common and people are moving towards natural fibers and fabrics. The usage of contrasting colors is largely preferred as they lend vibrancy and personality to any room. From exquisite satin to sober cotton to sheer georgettes and silks there are many types of fabrics to select from. Want a touch of the Oriental in your Italian themed rooms? Try an exquisite combination of oriental style design against a red background, shown right. Such a pattern sets of the accents of any room really well. You could try combining it with antique looking overhanging lamps or even ancient lamps made of bamboo! If you want a more luxurious look to the room try using fabrics like satin or silk as they are richer in texture and give off a very nice sheen.

Summery Prints

Now that summer is here we all want to flaunt our summery, floral side! Try using cute floral prints in your chair fabrics. You could use classical and beautiful combinations of yellow flowers set against a brown background. This gives off a really rich look. When seen from far you might think such a pattern is very simple almost too simple! But when you come closer you see the rich texture of the fabric and the intricate embroidery. That is actually what Italian design is really about – using simplistic designs which provide a rich feel to the fabric. Plus this classic combination of brown and yellow is very synonymous with summer and has a very earthy tone to it. Colors like brown etc. are more in tune with nature and every Italian home loves to stick to natural designs and earthy tones.

Beautiful Embroidery Patterns

Italian homes are a lot about retaining classic designs and also ushering in the new. Therefore, in almost every Italian home you will surely find an antique heirloom furniture piece. Whether it is a dining table passed down through the generations or an old rocking chair by the fireplace, Italians love preserving their antiques. This translates to even the choice of fabrics in an Italian home. Whether it is for the sofas or the dining chairs, Italians are quite fussy about the fabrics they select.

You will typically find a lot of embroidery and classic designs on the fabrics for the chairs. Beautiful motifs like antique appliqués shown at right are typical in most Italian chair fabrics. Most of them will be in sober pastel shades as classic embroidery doesn’t look very nice with too many bold shades of color. Such pastel shades look great for your dining room where you don’t want the colors to overpower the delicate embroidery.

Bold Themes

For the urbanite who loves doing up the rooms in chic styles there are lot of bold colors to choose from in fabrics. You can select from bold colors in leather such as red, tan, black, brown, bottle green, navy and many more. Beautiful fine authentic leather with bold themes can be found for your Italian décor home. So for all those who prefer a modern and futuristic looking home with all the latest gadgets and equipment such a bold look will complement the theme perfectly. You can also use equally stunning furniture with eclectic designs and styles. Geometric patterns in furniture and chairs are fast becoming a huge hit with people these days. These add style and elegance to your home. However, when using these modernistic designs also make sure to balance the look with ultra antique looking furniture pieces. This way your rooms will have an authentic Italian touch to them!

Color choices make all the difference!

When it comes to the color of the fabrics Italian homes are impeccably decorated. You will never find a color combination that looks out of place or awkward. Just like the rest of the rooms and aspects even the color of the fabric has been carefully thought over. The homeowner would have carefully mulled over the color choices before making any purchase. This is one reason why you too should take your time in selecting the right colored fabrics.

Your chair fabric is going to last you a really long time and hence you want a color combination that you would love to see everyday. Therefore, the selection must be done carefully and with plenty of thought. Depending on the theme of the room the color selection should be performed. For example, for an antique looking room gold, red and beige represent good color choices.

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