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Italian Children’s Clothing: D&G Junior

Italian Designers Dolce and Gabbana Design for Stylish Kids with their D&G Junior Line

Gingham Galore! D&G Junior Spring/Summer 2011

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are known for creating clothes with loads of sex appeal and just as much imagination. The Dolce and Gabbana woman is all about old time glamour and full tilt Mediterranean seduction. The duo’s second line, D&G, is designed with a younger customer in mind, someone who is looking not only to be stylish, but to indulge a sense of fantasy and whimsy. Similarly, the designers’ line for children, D&G Junior, is classically wearable with the instantly recognizable Dolce and Gabbana edge.

D&G Junior first debuted in January 2001 and since then has been providing the world’s jet setting mini-mes with delicious fashion choices. The line caters to both boys and girls as well as babies and toddlers, offering up everything from dresses and jeans to rompers, bloomers and graphic tees. Parents who dress their children in D&G Junior tend to be open to experimentation and new ideas and want their kids to look adorable without being too precious.


Flower Power: D&G Junior Spring/Summer 2011

Fall/Winter 2010

The D&G Junior collection for the current season is described as a “true Western World meltin’ pot” which brings together a variety of different lifestyles and philosophies. The looks included baseball-inspired outfits in a range of primary colors accented with blue and grey, as well as D&G’s range of imaginative and wearable denim. Dolce and Gabbana also took inspiration from London and its diverse cultures and neighborhoods. According to the designers, one side of the London coin is “more casual and with a ‘britpop’ edge,” made for your regular urban, rock ‘n roll baby, while “the other is more sophisticated and chic, with precious materials such as brocades and velvet.” Definitely more suited to your upscale toddler.


Prints popular in the D&G Junion Fall/Winter 2010 collection include butterflies and a tongue-firmly-in-cheek reimagining of the supermodel. The Super Model range of styles was inspired by models backstage and includes everything from comfortable knits to animal prints galore.


Spring/Summer 2011


For spring the D&G Junior collection is light, airy and bright. Clothes for girls are big on florals, sundresses and adorable denims. The flower power is also followed through on bathing suits and accessories like shoes (including the soles), how much you match is up to you. One of our favorite accessories for girls is a distressed denim bag that will have your little one feeling all grown up. We’re also loving a floral bathing suit that features ruffles in the back in different colors and patterns including neons, animal print and an abstract floral. This bathing suit is an absolutely fun and trendy item for a toddler to wear when hitting the beach this summer.


Gingham patterns also feature largely for both girls and boys, paired with shorts, jeans and overalls. The graphic tee is big for the D&G Junior boy, and a Safari theme is evident, but there are no infantile cartoon animals here. D&G’s printed lions, elephants and tigers all look very real and give a grown up feel to a child’s item. Of course, there is also a wide range of shorts, jeans and hoodies for boys. The boys also get accessories and sports uniform themed clothing (there are some for girls too), as well as bathing suits with styles that range from board shorts and trunks to briefs.


Pretty much anything designed for a baby is adorable and D&G Junior doesn’t disappoint, serving up a variety of tiny clothing that will make everyone coo over your little one. What’s great about this line is that while there is some branding (logos can be seen on items like t-shirts, shoes and hoodies) every item isn’t embossed with the D&G letters, instead the majority of pieces stand on their own without help from a screaming logo.


Dolce and Gabbana very ably bring their style asthetic to their line of Italian clothing for children, bringing the fun and whimsy evident in all their work while creating items that are not only pratical and wearable, but unique and beautiful.


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