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Watch: Elisa sings for Syria and Save the Children

The Italian singer made a tribute to the children, victims of the war in Syria. Sponsored by Save the Children.

An empty Colosseum and the 11-year old Cristina Magnotti by her side. This is the Elisa for Syria event, to raise awareness for the innocent victims of every war. The children. Cristina Magnotti opened the event, reading the words of Syrian kids. Kids like her.

It’s dark when we leave the city where I was born, in northern Syria. We have to hurry. But I’m faster than fear and, before leaving, I gather my toys. They can’t stay there to die because they have nothing to do with the war that fell on us. I have to save them, like my parents are saving me. I hide them in the suitcase and I promise myself I won’t open it until I am back home. Until I am a girl again, with my bedroom, the school, and delicious food. I put my toys away. With them, I put away myself too.

It’s been five years and I never went back home. My family and I, we move from one refugee camp to the next. And the suitcase stays shut. It’s broken and dirty, but it stays shut. The toys are trapped, like me. My hair is growing and I get taller every day. I know it because my old clothes don’t fit anymore. But I’m stuck. Every day, I woke up in the camp and I’m afraid. I’m a kid without books, safety, and parks. I am a child without childhood.”

Then, the angelic voice of Elisa fills the air.

What you can do

If you want to make a donation, you can donate to the Save the Children fund for Syrian kids and refugees. Find the link here.

If you can’t donate, help raising awareness by sharing the link to the Elisa for Syria event.

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