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During the holidays, Milan is the brightest city in Europe, as seen from space

Italy, and particularly the Lombard county seat, clinched another bizarre yet unique record this year. Indeed, Milan stands out as the brightest city in Europe from October to December, outshining major tourism and luxury hubs like Stockholm, Oslo, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt.

Milan is obsessed with Christmas lights

From space, stars take a back seat to the brilliance and glow emitted by the fashion capital. NASA’s images are awe-inspiring, clearly highlighting the stark contrast with other equally populated cities such as Naples and Rome. This suggests that in the city, one of the country’s most significant economic centers, the Christmas spirit is intricately woven with a growing marketing influence.

Milano Christmas decorations
The Gucci Christmas tree in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II has caused quite a stir | Credit

In a surprising twist, even cities like Istanbul, with a different culture and a lack of traditional Christmas celebrations, secure a spot on the list. This scenario implies that festive illumination in Milan goes beyond mere Christmas folklore, representing a fusion of tradition, marketing, and urban identity. While other European capitals vie for the title of the brightest city, Milan emerges as a sparkling beacon, defying expectations and illuminating its status as a festive and economic icon in the heart of the continent.

What’s the situation in the rest of Europe?

According to analyses, Milan’s brightness increased by 70% during the Christmas period, forming the basis for the entire ranking. The analysis was extended to 46 European capitals and metropolises. Istanbul follows closely, with a percentage increase of 69.1%.

Milan at night
Milan view from above | Credit

In the race for the brightest city in Europe, the rankings are as follows: Ljubljana in Slovenia (67.6), followed by Stockholm (49.3), Oslo (48), Frankfurt (42.4), Dublin (41.7), Amsterdam (40.7), Athens (33.6), and Andorra (32.6), significantly trailing behind.

Regarding the experiment, data is captured and calculated using rather complex instruments and techniques. Nighttime light visible in the near-infrared is captured by a NASA device (NPP), and the results are then cross-referenced with nebulous coverage to obtain a more precise outcome.

Featured Image Credit – Milan is the brightest city in Europe

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