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Crocheted Christmas Tree Colors the Holidays in Rocchetta Tanaro

Forget about red, green, and gold—in other words, the classic and traditional colors of Christmas. In Rocchetta Tanaro, the festivities transform into a beautiful spectacle of colors that can only leave one mesmerized.

The holidays blend with the skill and craftsmanship of local women, who, after more than 10 months of work, have created an incredible 8-meter-high crocheted tree. A masterpiece that honors an ancient art that unfortunately is fading away today.

Rocchetta Tanaro’s Crocheted Tree is One of the Tallest in Italy

2500 tiles and over 80 kg of wool are the numbers of this unbelievable creation that rightfully enters the ranks of the most beautiful trees in Italy, at least for its uniqueness. Inaugurated on the occasion of the Immaculate Conception (December 8th), it is the result of the professionalism, skills, and ingenuity of more than 40 local women. The work began in February, and the stitching and installation required a total of more than 10 months of effort.

Inauguration of the tree: December 8, 2023

While it may not be the tallest crocheted tree in Italy (the record belongs to Ostuni’s tree with its impressive 12 meters in height), it remains an artwork nonetheless. In an atmosphere where designer trees stand out, such as Gucci’s in Milan or Valentino’s in the English capital, it is always refreshing to breathe in a bit of pure and wholesome folk tradition.

So in Rocchetta Tanaro, in the province of Asti, the Christmas spirit blends with art in a tree that we will certainly never have the opportunity to see in the luxury of big metropolises. Volunteers have carefully chosen each wool tile, and in some way, they reflect personal memories or emotions.

Pause to admire our tree in the variety of its vibrant colors during the day and in the magic of lights, shadows, and transparencies as darkness falls. Your emotions will be the most appreciated reward for the crochet workers who conceived and created it for you.

The panel at the base features these words; aren’t they magnificent?

Crocheted Christmas Tree in Rocchetta Tanaro
The illuminated wool tiles create a very distinctive optical effect | Credit

And as fate would have it, the tree was installed right where the old sewing school of the town once stood. Isn’t this a beautiful way to close a chapter of the town’s history?

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