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Christmas in Leggiuno, over 700 thousand lights in the enchanted village

On the beautiful shores of Lake Maggiore in Lombardy, there is a small village of about 3,500 inhabitants with a unique story. A story that began in 1999 and featured Lino Betti as its protagonist—a resident of Leggiuno who has transformed his village into a true Christmas haven in just over twenty years.

On one of the festive occasions, Lino Betti himself remarked:

From that first bundle of lights, we have come a long way, and I believe, along with many collaborators, I have succeeded in creating an exciting spectacle.

The Story of Leggiuno’s Christmas

In 1999, Lino Betti decided to add an extra touch to Leggiuno’s Christmas. So, when he had the opportunity to purchase 10.000 lights for 100 dollars in Brazil, he didn’t let them slip away. Returning home with the loot, Mr. Betti marked the first significant step towards what we now know as Leggiuno’s Christmas lights.

Leggiuno houses every Christmas creature
Leggiuno houses every Christmas creature, such as polar bears, sleds, elves | Credit

Year after year, from that fateful day on, the lights continued to increase. Starting from his home, Lino initially illuminated his house and garden with such extravagance and flair that his home became a tourist attraction during the holidays. Over time, the range expanded like wildfire, illuminating, over the years, the entire village.

Here, you can breathe an undeniably festive air: sleighs with Santa Clauses and reindeer, comets, and entire tree-lined avenues completely lit up. Once here, it feels like being inside a movie set. Allow yourself to be pampered by the romantic illuminations of tree-lined avenues or enchanted historical streets with comets and various light installations.

A Sustainable Christmas

The municipality of Leggiano has partnered with EsseSolar, a leader in the field of renewable energy. Today, the village is illuminated by more than 700 thousand lights, marking a significant improvement from the previous edition of over 100 thousand lights! Who knows what the mayor, collaborators, and Lino Betti have in mind for next year? If the past is any indication, it will undoubtedly be something incredible. The organizers of this edition declare themselves more than satisfied to continue an ancient tradition with an increasingly green and sustainable touch.

The village and its record decorations
The village and its record decorations | Credit

Leggiuno, A Highly Coveted Tourism Destination

Leggiuno is not just a destination during the winter! In Leggiuno, you can also find the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso, a monastery perched on a rocky cliff overlooking Lake Maggiore. The monastery, now consisting of three different chapels built in different eras, also houses a bell tower over 15 meters high dating back to the 14th century. Inside, a small shrine also protects the relics of Blessed Alberto Besozzi, who died in 1205.

The Sanctuary Overlooking Lake Maggiore
The Sanctuary Overlooking Lake Maggiore | Credit

Leggiuno’s Christmas has become not only an eagerly awaited event for its residents but also a highly sought-after tourist destination. Here, the magic of lights blends with the millennia-old history of the Santa Caterina del Sasso monastery, creating an unforgettable experience for anyone deciding to visit this charming village on the shores of Lake Maggiore.

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