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Enchanting Christmas Magic in Arezzo: A Record-Breaking Success with Over 100,000 Visitors

From November 18th to January 7th, Arezzo lights up in a festive spectacle with the Christmas City Event (Città Del Natale), which has already welcomed over 100,000 visitors during the weekend of December 9-10. Let’s explore together what makes this Christmas season in the historic Tuscan city so special.

The Magic of Christmas in Arezzo

Arezzo has transformed into an authentic Christmas oasis, adorned with sparkling lights connecting the historic center to the main streets and breathtaking decorations enhancing Piazza Grande, at the heart of the city. The magical atmosphere is palpable and promises to create unforgettable emotions for visitors of all ages.

Città-del-Natale (Christmas City)
The writing Città del Natale (Christmas City) – slogan of the event | Credit

Christmas City Event: Something for Every Taste

This year’s event, named Christmas City, offers a rich and varied program catering to every taste. From the romantic panoramic wheel providing picturesque views of the city to the enjoyable ice rink for families and the traditional Christmas markets featuring high-quality artisanal products.

The Market of Wonders

Arezzo boasts a park that, more than any other, adds a touch of color to the city: Il Prato, where you can also find the fortress of the De’ Medici family. During the festive season, Il Prato hosts Christmas markets with wooden stalls offering street food, local cuisine, and typical Tuscan products.

The Market of Wonders | Credit

Tyrolean Village

Arguably one of the attractions that garnered the most interest during the recent Immaculate Conception weekend is the Tyrolean Village. From Thursday to Sunday, you can find typical artisanal products from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Immerse yourself in the Tyrolean Christmas air amid wooden kiosks offering traditional dishes, beers, wooden and ceramic crafts, and art pieces.

Tyrolean Village | Credit

Panoramic Wheel

What would a Christmas city be without a beautiful panoramic wheel? As we know, everyone loves these things. So, this Christmas, treat yourself to a breathtaking view of Arezzo—an exquisite experience not only for the little ones!

Panoramic Wheel – Il Prato | Credit

Arezzo Christmas Tour

The city offers tourists a bus service to explore the most iconic streets, squares, and historical sites. Once on board, you can enjoy an audio guide service in various languages (Italian, French, English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Portuguese). The bus operates from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., according to the days listed on the official website, where you can also find additional information such as ticket prices. The route includes several stops at the most beautiful points in the city: Piazza Guido Monaco, Piazza S. Francesco, Piazza della Libertà, and the Roman Amphitheatre.

Arezzo Christmas Tour | Credit

Horse Carousel

As we know, carousels are a great classic of the holidays. With a slightly romantic and playful air, the little ones adore them.

Carousel | Credit

Artisanal Markets

In Piazza Guido Monaco, there is an artisanal market set up with products entirely handmade. Arezzo places importance on the selection of high-quality craftsmanship, so about 15 exhibitors have been chosen to ensure the presence of original and unique items.

Artisanal Markets | Credit

Luna Park and Ice Rink

To entertain both children and adults, the champions of fun could not miss out. The ice rink is set up near Il Prato Park—don’t miss it!

Luna Park | Credit

The Forest of Wonders

After spending an entire day wandering through the historic center and characteristic alleys of the city, what could be better than immersing yourself in this enchanted forest? As night falls, the lights come on in the large meadow of Arezzo, from icy decorations to romantic illuminations, creating enchanted and vibrant places. In short, it’s the perfect setting for taking memorable photos with your favorite company, trust me!

The Forest of Wonders | Credit

Cloister of Wonders

This is the paradise of local craftsmanship, where every piece is for sale! What is a library during the year, it dresses up to host showcases with rare artifacts such as watches, diamonds, and collectible jewelry. But don’t be fooled; here you can also find gastronomic products such as cheeses, cured meats, jams, and preserves, all made with top-quality ingredients and following ancient traditional recipes. In short, there is truly everything here. Clothing, gift items, leather goods, typical products, tastings, watchmaking, and jewelry—each piece is unique and crafted by the hands of our Tuscan artisans during the Christmas holidays.

Cloister of Wonders | Credit

From late November to January 7th, Arezzo transforms into the Christmas City with numerous attractions and a rich calendar of events. Every weekend, the city dresses up the marvelous historic center in festive attire. From Christmas markets to light shows in every corner of the city, come discover how beautiful one of the most renowned cities in central Italy is during the Christmas season!

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