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Best Christmas markets in Italy for 2023

Christmas markets, steeped in centuries-old traditions and brimming with holiday cheer, transform Italy’s historic squares and charming alleyways into winter wonderlands. In 2023, these markets promise an immersive experience that goes beyond the ordinary, inviting locals and travelers alike to indulge in the spirit of the season. The country transforms into a festive wonderland adorned with twinkling lights, fragrant aromas, and the unmistakable cheer of the holiday season. At the markets you will find typical New Year’s treats and wine, gifts and souvenirs, festive decorations, and handicrafts from local artisans. 

Join us on a journey through the cobblestone streets of Italy as we unveil the best Christmas markets the country has to offer, where centuries of history, delectable treats, and handcrafted treasures come together to create an unforgettable yuletide experience.

With romantic lights dangling over the cobblestone streets and hints of the ancient world emerging around every corner, the city’s undeniable charisma will welcome you upon your arrival.  

A must-visit is the Roman Christmas Market at Piazza Navona, where the essence of the holiday season comes to life. The square becomes a lively and colorful shopping hub, featuring a vibrant array of nativity scenes, Christmas sweets such as delectable biscuits and nougat, and even an appearance by Santa himself (or Babbo Natale, as he’s known in Italian). 


There are many Christmas markets in Florence, but the center of the action is in the beautiful Piazza di Santa Croce. Drawing inspiration from the festive charm of the German city of Heidelberg, this vibrant square is decorated with 55 wooden huts, showcasing a delightful fusion of Italian and German delicacies alongside an array of unique gifts. 

The mixture of bright colors and aromas of gingerbread or spiced wine create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere amid the winter chill. After strolling around, don’t forget to warm yourself with the exquisite wine Tuscany has to offer. Unwind in a cozy wine bar, savoring a glass of the finest Brunello di Montalcino or Chianti and watch the beauty of Florence glowing in the Christmas lights. 



Northern Italy’s South Tyrol is home to the best and possibly most characteristic Christmas markets in Italy. They have a similar feel to the Austrian and German Christmas markets. The gorgeous Walterplatz Square, in the heart of the old town in Bolzano, is flooded with lights. Dozens of wooden stands sell handcrafted local products like wool accessories, toys, and ornaments. Indulge your taste buds in the mouthwatering delights of Vin brulè (hot mulled wine) while you explore this unique and magical atmosphere. Bolzano’s Christmas market offers a perfect blend of tradition and charm, making it an ideal destination to savor the festive season.

Christmas market in Bolzano with lights and decorations


Bologna is worth visiting at any time of the year, including in winter, when you can focus on eating out, visiting museums and trying different foods at the Christmas markets. This culinary heritage is pronounced during Christmas, when seasonal dishes dominate the market stalls. Bologna has at least three Christmas markets. Fiera di Santa Lucia Market is one of the oldest Christmas markets in Italy. It embodies the reputation of a city renowned for its cuisine and connection to the foundations of celebrated delicacies. The smaller Fiera di Natale is not far from Piazza Maggiore, while the French Christmas Village highlights typical regional French products. There’s also the Epiphany Festival that stretches along via dell’Indipendenza.


Verona is famous for star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet, and its Christmas market adds another layer of romance to the medieval lanes during the holiday season. The spiced aromas of mulled wine and fruit cakes emanate from the wooden stalls filling the central Piazza Dei Signori. The market exudes a magical charm that echoes the spirit of the season. The aroma of roasted chestnuts and mulled wine fills the air, inviting patrons to indulge in the seasonal delights. Families, friends, and couples come together to share in the joy of the season, making the Verona Christmas market a truly heartwarming experience that captures the essence of Christmas in this picturesque Italian city.



Mercatino di Natale in Piazza Duomo is the largest and most famous Christmas market in the city. Milan’s central square gets filled with over 60 chalet huts spread around the magnificent Duomo of Milan selling traditional Christmas gifts and crafts. Milan’s illumination of the Christmas Tree takes place on 7th December 2023 to celebrate the feast of Milan’s patron saint, Sant’Ambrogio. While the market at the Duomo is the most photogenic Christmas market in Milan, the ‘Oh Bej! Oh Bej! Fair’ held at Sforza Castle may be the most popular Milanese Christmas market among locals.


Italians decorate city streets, churches, and squares with Christmas trees, festive lights, and famous nativity scenes. Italian Christmas markets unveil seasonal charm found in everything from the aromas of spiced wine to traditional toys in marketplaces across the country during the winter break. Many markets open up in November and close in January so even if you’re not here for Christmas, you can still check out the markets.

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