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The Umarelli Express in Milan: A Journey of Smiles and Construction Sites

In Milan, the long-awaited Umarelli Express has recently made its debut, capturing the attention of citizens of all ages. This unique rail journey has won the hearts of seniors and retirees, who, with their characteristic construction site observers’ attitude, are enjoying unprecedented moments of leisure. In Municipality 6 of Milan, where this adventure began, new stops and dates are continually being added, offering seniors the opportunity to leave their homes and enjoy the city’s construction site panorama that they hold dear.

The Umarelli Express is a Sensational Success

The recent editions on October 14th and 15th and November 18th have achieved astounding success, with seats selling out and attendance so high that the municipality has established a dedicated hotline for reservations. Securing a spot on this unique Umarelli Express can also be done independently by clicking here.

What makes this initiative unique is its openness to all ages. The term Umarelli, imported from the plains of Emilia, identifies those who observe construction sites with curiosity, primarily the elderly. However, the Milan municipality makes a humorous exception, inviting anyone who feels Umarelli inside to come aboard. This gesture has surprisingly piqued the interest of both the young and children, demonstrating that construction site observation can be fascinating for all generations.

This initiative not only provides a dose of fun and a sense of belonging for the elderly but also represents a unique effort to combat boredom and loneliness. In the current context, where the connection with one’s community can be crucial, the Umarelli Express stands as a brilliant example of how creativity can bring people together, regardless of age. In a world that often seems divided, this Milanese initiative offers an unusual yet captivating journey where entertainment and construction site observation become social glue.

Therefore, we hope that this initiative serves as an inspiration for other cities, allowing more seniors to benefit from such creative endeavors.

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