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Introducing the Maneskin, the Sanremo and Eurovision 2021 winners

Meet Maneskin, the band breaking the rules

Picture this: four young friends in Rome. They dream of living and doing music. While their story starts from the Italian capital, their goal is the horizon. And, to reach it, they audition for X Factor Italia.

Suddenly, the Måneskin is on everyone’s mouth -and playlist. Especially now, that they have won Sanremo Music Festival 2021, but also the Eurovision 2021! Let’s see now a few things about Maneskin!

Maneskin – How it all began

Damiano, Vittoria, Thomas, and Ethan have known each other from middle school. But they started playing together in 2015. The name Måneskin comes from the Danish. It means “moonlight.” It evokes a melody that cuddles yet challenges you. The 4 members Damiano, Victoria, Thomas and Ethan personally write all their songs. The text is written by Damiano while the music by Ethan, Victoria and Thomas. Songs can come from a chord on Thomas’ guitar or Victoria’s bass, from a text by Damiano or from Ethan’s drums.

And that’s exactly what their music did, when the band participated to X Factor.

 Måneskin : Audition at Italian X Factor

Entering the show biz

Two years after the groups’ birth, the four friends swept away the Italian audience. Their music is a mix of rock and pop, topped with the reggae voice of Damiano, the lead singer.

Their mentor was Manuel Agnelli, the frontman of the rock band Afterhours. Under his wing, the Måneskin charmed the viewers and the music industry. So much so that they ended up in the podium. They celebrated their silver medal with the EP Chosen.

However, the real boomed happened with the song Morirò da Re. I will die as a king.

And even when I’ll be sick, I’ll be too much tired

As fire I’ll step to take everything

That is waiting and be ready to face the pack

I don’t want to come back, now I’m leaving 

So baby wipe your tears, Baby drink up from my plate

Yes, you can land on your feet even from the high

Måneskin – Moriro’ da Re

Life after the talent show

In 2018, they released the hit Torna a Casa, which played for months on both radio and TV. The song speaks about Marlena, a girl that needs to come home. She’s a girl who can leave the cold out.

“Marlena is our idea of youth,” said the Måneskin to Vogue Italia, “we made it real to make it more powerful.” While they are having fun with their music, they want to spread a positive message. The message of smiling, no matter what.

They also take inspiration from their concerts, from the thrill of being in front of their audience. They value the exchange and connection with their supporters. That’s how the Måneskin created their first album, Il ballo della vita. It’s the “dance of life,” indeed.

Måneskin – Torna a casa

Måneskin in 2021

The band is ready to conquer this new year.

The first big news? Their participation in Sanremo with the song Zitti e buoni. From March 2nd to the 6th, you can see them on stage. The second big news is the release of their second album, titled Teatro d’ira, “theater of wrath”. More than album, this is a project. A year-long project in which supporters can follow the Måneskin. Though their creative process and their musical experiences.

“Our anger is not directed at someone,” said the Måneskin, “our wrath moves and it creates revolutions. It’s against the oppressors.”

The third news is the song Vent’Anni, twenty years. The fourth news? The photoshoot with Oliviero Toscani. In which the band is naked. Literally and figuratively. Once again, they wanted to express freedom. It’s love, with no prejudices.

It’s the Måneskin mania.

From the Toscani photoshoot, via Corriere della Sera

Must listen: Sanremo 2021

The Måneskin mania conquered the Sanremo Festival in 2021. Their song Zitti e buoni gave them the final victory. Here’s the band, playing on the Italian stage.

Maneskin – Zitti e Buoni – Sanremo 2021

The success story doesn’t stop! Maneskin wins Eurovision 2021

Right after the Sanremo Music festival of 2021, Maneskin also wins the Eurovision Song Contest of 2021 this year! A great victory for Italy, as it’s been a few years since the last Italian winner of Eurovision! They have won with just 25 points ahead of France (Barbara Pravi) and Switzerland, who finished in third place.

Italy’s Måneskin have come out on top in what was one of the most hotly contested Eurovision Song Contests ever.

Switzerland won the jury vote in which Italy came fourth, but the 4-piece Italian rock band won the public vote by a landslide, scoring a total of 529 points and leaving Switzerland in 3rd place behind France. Måneskin is a critically acclaimed band featuring vocalist Damiano, bassist Victoria, guitarist Thomas, and Ethan on drums. They took their band name from the Danish word for ‘moonlight’, as a tribute to their bassist Victoria’s home country.

Here’s the winner song of Eurovision 2021’s Final

Maneskin: I wanna be your slave
Maneskin Zürich April 2023

On My Mind, 2023

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2 years ago

I heard there is a lot of drama out of there victory…

2 years ago

It’s an amazing chance for them, they will be famous internationally