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Frida Bollani

Frida Bollani, a young pianist with a brilliant future

She is a daughter of art, but she is carving her own path. Here’s the story of a young talent to watch out for.

Frida Bollani is 16 years old. After joining her musician father Stefano Bollani on TV, she became famous. She exploded on social media. For her visually impairment and for her talent.

Who is Frida Bollani, a musician with a feature

She is the daughter of Stefano Bollani and the actress Petra Magoni. After ten years together, the couple separated, but they both looked out for Frida. She started playing in jazz concerts when she was only two. At 8 years old, she started playing with her father and she even wrote a musical. Indeed, a true talent.

In April 2021, her father had a show on Rai 3, called “Via dei Matti Numero 0”. And he asked Frida Bollani to join him. They played together and they shared their love for music with the audience.

“I met jazz when I was 2,” Frida said during the TV show, “it worked by combining the talents of my two parents, so with a piano. But how I would play it at 2. The voice was my mother’s, when I tried to sing high.” Indeed, her parents were a true inspiration. Just like Frida Bollani has become an inspiration to young talents -and older ones too. Why? Because she is visually impaired.

Visually impaired, talented, and young

”I believe being visually impaired is a gift,” she said to the Corriere della Sera, “because of this, nature has given me many other things, like the ability of listening in a different way than others and the absolute hearing.” Frida Bollani believes she is lucky to be visually impaired because she was able to develop her hearing.

Of course, sometimes the disability might be a disadvantage. For example, when she goes to the grocery store and she hears the notes even there. She can distinguish every sound and that can be a curse. If it’s out of tune, Frida can hear it.

Her dream? Play many instruments. She can already play the guitar and the harmonica. Now, she wants to play the drums. Then, the bass. Indeed, Frida Bollani is unstoppable. Still, even if she only played the piano, her father Stefano Bollani would be proud of her.

A daughter of musicians

Stefano Bollani is a famous Italian pianist. He managed to bring niche music to the wider public. Born in 1972, he collaborated with the best of the industry, names like come Gato Barbieri, Bill Frisell, and Sol Gabetta. He has published with record labels from all over the world, like Venus Japan and the French Label Bleu. In 2006, he was nominated as the best Italian musician of the year and, from then on, it was just a strings of successes.

Until his latest album, El Chakracanta, a live recording with the Orquesta Sin Fin in Buenos Aires, which was released in March 2021. Then the TV, side by side with his daughter Frida Bollani. His pride.

”She is the real talent of the family,” her father said during the Rai 3 show, “at her TV debut, we were all very emotional. Even my mother was happy and, as soon as she was finished playing, we couldn’t stop hugging each other.” The saying “like father, like daughter” has never been more true.

Watch: Frida Bollani plays Battiato at the Quirinale

An homage that impressed everyone. In fact, the death of the Italian artist Franco Battiato shocked the Italian world. And when Frida played Battiato’s song “La Cura” in front of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, she enchanted everyone who could hear her.

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