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summer songs 2021

Songs for the summer 2021

What are the best songs of the summer of 2021 in Italy? As in each and every year, there’s a list of hits for the summer that the whole country or even the whole world is listening to. For this year, we put a list together for the best songs of the summer 2021.

For the top hit, the Italian slang word is “tormentoni” loosely translated as ‘catchy tunes’. To my deepest surprise was this year, 2021! I ended up doing the impossible. I liked and bought ( from iTunes) a song where Orietta Berti is singing: MILLE. Maybe I am getting too old… When I was young my mom and grandmother were used to listen to Orietta Berti singing tunes like “Fin che la barca va “. If you asked me if I would ever buy a song with Orietta Berti my answer was never in a million years, well, I was wrong! Mille became the best Italian summer song 2021, which you can hear literally on every corner, anywhere in Italy. also look at the 2022 list: https://lifeinitaly.com/2022-italian-summer-songs/

Best Italian songs of the summer 2021

1. Fedez, Achille Lauro, Orietta Berti – Mille

As I have mentioned, one of the best summer songs of 2021 in Italy is definitely the Mille, by Fedez, Achille Lauro, and Orietta Berti. The video went viral in June 2021, and it’s taking us back to the 60s, the top era for Italian summer songs. Achille Lauro sitting at the hairdresser while reading the newspaper, Fedez lying on the mattress in the pool with the red swimsuit, and Orietta Berti shining through all of it.

Fedez, Achille Lauro, Orietta Berti – MILLE (Official Video)

2. Baby K, Boomdabash – Mohicani

Baby K is one of my favorite artists when it comes to summer songs. She’s getting out each year a great summer hit that becomes quickly popular all around Italy. The summer song of 2021 from Baby K and Boomdabash is Mohicani. She became famous a few years ago with songs like Roma-Bankok (with Giusy Ferreri), Killer (with Tiziano Ferro), and last song’s hit witha special guest in the clip being Chiara Ferragni, Baby K – Non mi basta piű. Her music is always cheerful and great for those hot summer days, so we who love Baby K, we’re expecting the new song of the summer every year from her. The video of one of the greatest Italian summer songs in 2021 is below!

Boomdabash, Baby K – Mohicani (Official Video)

3. Samuel, Francesca Michelin – Cinema

Another duo for the best Italian summer songs 2021 list. Samuel and Francesca Michelin singing together Cinema. The 26-year-old Francesca won the X Factor in 2011 and won 2nd place at Sanremo Festival in 2021 with their song together with Fedez, Chiamami per nome. Now for the best song of the summer 2021 in Italy, we must add the Cinema definitely!

Samuel, Francesca Michielin – Cinema (Official Video)

4. J-Ax – Salsa

Just like the other hits of summer 2021, J-AX ( Alessandro Aleotti), who’s an Italian rapper is coming with something refreshing this summer. He had some really popular songs the previous years, such as J-Ax, Il Cile – Maria Salvador, or the one with Fedez, Vorrei ma non posto. This year, one of the best Italian songs of summer 2021 from J-AX is definitely Salsa.

J-AX – Salsa (Official Video) ft. Jake La Furia

Let’s see the next of the best summer songs 2021!

5. Elettra Lamborghini – Pistolero

We are far from the end of the list of summer songs 2021! Another great hit for this summer is definitely Elettra Lamborghini – Pistolero. She is Lamborghini! Daughter of Tonino Lamborghini, and niece of Ferruccio Lamborghini, the founder of the Lamborghini cars! The song is lively and a really perfect one for hot summer nights in 2021!

Elettra Lamborghini – Pistolero (Official Video)

6. Maneskin – I wanna be your slave

The Maneskin was the winner of the Sanremo Music Festival 2021. Right after the Italian song competition, Maneskin won Eurovision 2021 as well. Since Eurovision took place just a month before summer, their winner song, the Zitti e Buoni became one of the summer songs of 2021 in Italy. Besides this, the I wanna be your slave by Maneskin is also on the summer hits list!

Måneskin (Italy Eurovision 2021) “I Wanna Be Your Slave” & “Zitti E Buoni” –

Jim Morrison died 50 years ago today ( July 3rd, 2021) – that was the rock then and it was legendary sound. Maneskin represents the rock for this generation and hopefully, in 50 years somebody will also remember Maneskin.

7. Elodie – Guarana

Another one of the summer songs 2021, Elodie – Guarana. It’s a chilled summer song that’s great for hanging on the beach and enjoying those cold cocktails in the sunset! It’s not as popular as the other ones but it is definitely a great song of the summer 2021 in Italy.

Elodie – Guaranà

8. Dua Lipa – Love Again

Let’s add to this list one song that’s not Italian, shall we? Dua Lipa – Love Again is definitely one of the best summer songs in 2021. She’s stunning as always with a character that’s hard to copy. It was announced during June 2021 that Dua Lipa will be the face of Versace’s 2021 Fall Collection. Alright, so below is another great song of the summer 2021 that’s popular in Italy!

Dua Lipa

If you want to dig deeper into Italian music, we have plenty of articles for that! We’re covering everything from the most famous singers like Andrea Bocelli to the young celebrities, the Il Volo, and also DJs from Italy, and more.

Best Italian songs 2022

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2 years ago

Elodie Guarana, I love this song so much!!!

2 years ago

I Love the Italian vibe in summer, it makes me feel so good!

2 years ago

Italian makes such great summer songs 😍

2 years ago

There is an error in the list above …. and the error has something to do with Mother Theresa ……lets see who can spot our mistake ……..