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The Italian Maneskin win the Eurovision Song Contest

After 31 years, the crown is back in Italy.

Watch: the moment the Maneskin win the Eurovision

Emotions ran wild for the young Italian band. And the suspence left everyone breathless. Do you want to see how it ended? Fast-forward to minute 14, to see Switzerland and Italy battling it out at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Who are the Maneskin? Life in Italy has always been a fan of the winners of Sanremo 2021. They are the future of music. And not just Italian music. In fact, the Maneskin win the Eurovision is a chance for Italy to show off and become a true, international stage. The last time an Italian singer won the contest was in 1990, when Toto Cotugno triumphed.

While the Italian band wasn’t always on top of the chart during the night, it was always a fan favorite. In fact, their song and music was the most downloaded from all the Eurovision participants. And they were on top of the Spotify chart. A fan favorite, no doubt.

Rock will never die

said the Maneskin

What next? The good news is that this win isn’t only for the Maneskin, but for the whole country. Next year, the Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Italy. Who’s excited?

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3 years ago

I think the victory of Eurovision is not significative like it was in the past

3 years ago

I was so happy they won the eurovision 🙂

3 years ago

Congratulation Italia !