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Ferrari, ready for the 2021 F1 Grand Prix?

The F1 2021 Championship will officially start on March, 28th in Bahrain. Here’s all you need to know about Team Ferrari.

The Italian cavallino has launched its SF21, the racing car of the Grand Prix F1 2021. Here’s more about the team. To find out more about the car and the results of the tests, check out our article here.

The F1 2021 Team

Ferrari introduced its team with a launch video, just in time for the Grand Prix.

Here are the two pilots of the 2021 season: Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. They are the Ferrari youngest duo of the past 50 years. The keyword? Teamwork.

Carlos Sainz

Straight from Spain, the 26-year old is the experience factor of this team. In fact, this will be his 7th participation in the F1. He has already ran 118 races and scoring two impressive years with team McLaren. His best result was the second place during the 2020 Italian Grand Prix. Still, the Spanish driver ended up 6th in the final ranking.

He signed with Ferrari in 2020, for a bi-annual contract. He substitutes Vettel.

Charles Leclerc

The 24-year old from Monaco debuted in the F1 in 2018, onboard the Alfa Romeo – Sauber. He has ran 59 races, winning two Grand Prix. And he scored seven pole position. Leclerc joined Ferrari in 2019, taking the place of  Kimi Räikkönen -and becoming the teammate of Sebastian Vettel.

He ended up 8th in the 2020 final pilots’ ranking.

The results of the Bahrain tests

The participants of the F1 have been running tests in Bahrain, while they wait for the Championship to start. How did Ferrari do?

Unfortunately, it didn’t dominate. In fact, the best pilot and performance went to Verstappen, onboard the Red Bull. He scored a final 1m28.960s for one lap. Not even one minute and a half. Indeed, the was the fastest one.

The first pilot of the Ferrari was Sainz, who scored 1m29.053s. So, not too far behind. But further behind was Leclerc, who ended up tenth with a discouraging time of 1m30.318s. Mattia Binotto is the team principal of Ferrari. He spoke to the media after the tests were over.

”Speaking of speed, it doesn’t seem we are too far from our golden era,” Binotto said.

Of course, the goal is to improve after the past season. Certainly not by comparing the SF21 with its rivals. The team of the cavallino wants to focus on its data and results. And to understand the new car. So, happy but cautious. The fans will have to wait the first race.

The F1 2021 starts in Bahrain. The appointment is for March, 28th. Are you watching?

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