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A romantic Valentine’s day in Italy

Italy is famous for its romantic towns, which have often been the setting for unforgettable cinematic love scenes. There are several ways to have a great time with your partner for Valentine’s day in Italy: la festa degli innamorati, the day of lovers, is usually celebrated by going to the restaurant for a nice dinner. Sweethearts usually give each other gifts, flowers and chocolates in heart-shaped boxes. Imagine how beautiful it would be to do all this in Italy, in some of the most amazing locations in the world? Here are some ideas and places you must consider if you want to celebrate San Valentino “Italian Style”!

valentine's day in italy
A heart-shaped chocolate box, the favorite Valentine’s gift Ph. depositphotos/Paul_Cowan

The most romantic towns to celebrate love in Italy

Some Italian towns are conventionally known for being the right place to celebrate Valentine’s day. Art, atmosphere and natural beauty make them the right setting for a romantic night. Above them all, certainly, Venice, Florence and Rome.

Venice looks like a living painting: its enchanted atmosphere is one of the best settings for a romantic holiday. Bring your sweetheart on gondola ride, where a gondoliere will guide you into the most beautiful and remote corners of this magical town.

valentine's day in italy
Love is in the air in Venice, a perfect location for your Valentine’s Day Ph. flickr/Javerinsitu

Rome has often been a source of inspiration for love, so why not spending Valentine’s day there? You will find a lot of romantic  places to visit; having a dinner in a restaurant playing local music, or a ride on one of the many boats sailing the river Tevere, Tiber, are two perfect things to do on this day.

Florence, too, is a perfect romantic scenario for all the sweethearts. A candlelit dinner at a restaurant near Ponte Vecchio and a stop in Piazzale Michelangelo, for an amazing view of the town, will transform the night into the perfect Valentine’s night.

Verona is the quintessential lovers’ town and around this date the town organizes plenty of events. You can dine on the shore of Lake Garda, run the “Romeo and Juliet” half marathon, watch the “Opera in love – Romeo and Juliet” hosted in the Chiesetta di Santa Maria in Chiavica, see what are the new trends in weddings at the Verona Sposi fair. Plus, the town will be decorated in red and will host a themed market in Piazza dei Signori.

valentine's day in italy
Valentine’s Celebrations in Verona, Italy Ph. TiaKatty

Some Italian romantic trends

Romanticism is an important aspect of people’s personality: some may have it, while others may lack it. However, bars or restaurants’ suggestions and offers for Valentine’s can help even the least romantic among us. In the last few years, offering your lover breakfast at home with some flowers became a trend. A lot of people, especially men, would order breakfast at their sweetheart’s local bar (cafeteria), and have it delivered to her with a bunch of flowers or a single, long-stem red rose. Another idea, endorsed especially by restaurants, is renting a whole area for the couple, who will have dinner in a reserved and intimate place with waiters at their total service. Obviously, the cost of this is quite high, but it is certainly an unforgettable experience for those who can afford it!

In general, bars and restaurants try to make the atmosphere very romantic, by creating the right décor and playing the right music; special menus are organized under the soft rhythm of love songs and with a bottle of tasty Italian wine.

Another wide-spreading habit is making one’s love public by newspaper adds, radio announcement or placards. Some like professing their love publicly, to show their sweetheart how much they care a bit outlandishly. Romantic dedication are written or announced together with the name of the addresser and the addressee.

valentine's day in italy
Amore e psiche

On Valetine’s day, romanticism is in the air: choose the idea you like the most or simply be inspired by love and imagination and make your own romantic creation.

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