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Canal Grande Venice Italy

Venice in less than four minutes: is it possible?

Venice city in less than four minutes: seems impossible, but the people at National Geographic managed to do it. However, before watching the video, we must make the necessary introduction to the stunning Venice city.

Venice city introduction

Even though Venice might not need any presentation, as it is one of the most famous cities in the world, we still feel it is due. Venice is an open-air museum, with boats and gondolas crossing the waterways and bridges linking all parts of the lagoon. This place is magical and the atmosphere will conquer all the visitors. In Venice, you can also find any kind of food. From local to typical Italian to international. There are Venice restaurants for all tastes. If you plan a visit, make sure you book your accommodation in advance. The city gets extremely crowded, especially during pick seasons and the Carnival. There are luxury Venice hotels, but also hostels and apartments all over Venice lagoon.

Venice canals

Gondola Venice

Venice city has its own nomenclature when it comes to streets, squares, and waterways. The city is also a maze, therefore, if you travel to Venice you might find yourself in need of asking for directions. In this case, you should know how Venetians call their streets and canals.

Rio: this is the name of all the waterways of Venice.
Venice Canals: only the Grand Canal, the Giudecca Canal, and the Cannaregio Canal, which are the “avenues” of Venice, can be called canals.
Fondamenta: pedestrian streets that line the canals or rii.

In Venice canals and rii you will see a lot of gondolas. This is the favorite tourist mean of transport for a romantic ride. It is not rare to see people spending their honeymoon in Venice kissing and admiring the beautiful buildings from a gondola sliding on the water.

Saint Marks Square

Saint marks square venice sinking fllod water

Welcome to one of the most amazing squares in the world, moreover, this is the only square in Venice, since the city has only campi and campielli. It also constitutes the lowest area of Venice city, therefore, is the first area to be flooded with high water. The most important buildings in the square are the Basilica of San Marco, the Doge’s Palace, the Correr Museum, the Campanile, and the Clock Tower. Just close by there is also the marvelous Bridge of sighs.

Rialto Bridge

Rialto Bridge venice

This is the right place to savor the real popular Venetian atmosphere: especially when you reach the Rialto Market. Rialto Bridge is located in the heart of the historic center of Venice. from its top people can admire the Grand Canal, and enjoy some shopping in the little shops.

Venice islands

Burano islang venice day trip

If you have more than one day to spend in Venice, the best suggestion is to take some time for a day trip to the nearby lovely islands. Murano and Burano are beautiful islands full of colors. In Murano, you can visit the factories that make the famous Murano glass and purchase souvenirs. Burano was a fisherman village that attracts many tourists in search of the perfect spot for stunning pictures. if you like cinema, Lido island is a nice place to visit during the Venice film festival. However, it also has beaches to spend a day of relaxation.

Venice city nightlife

spritz venice timon
Photo credits veneziaautentica.com

There are a lot of things to do in Venice. Among them, you should not miss the aperitivo. Try the local Cicchetti (Venetian snacks) with a glass of Spritz or wine. You can even enjoy your drinks sitting on a bridge or on a boat.

Venice Carnival

Venice carnival mask

There are a lot of events, shows, and cultural exhibitions in Venice all year long, however, one event, in particular, attracts the interest of many curious: Venice Carnival. During the Carnival period, the city turns into a magical place. Masked people, concerts, and events all over Venice. It is a beautiful experience if you don’t get too annoyed by the crowd!

Venice city in 4 less than four minutes

Here we are, with our quick Venice virtual tour. After our presentation of the highlights of the marvelous city of Venice, we hope you will like National Geographic’s video.

A beautiful video from the National Geographic’s YouTube page on our beloved Venice

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