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Venice itinerary

Experience Venice: the ultimate 2-days in Venice itinerary

Venice is an open-air museum, a continuous display of arts and beauty. The unique architecture, and the history that permeates every single spot of the maritime city make everyone feel like the protagonist of a fairytale. If you do not have much time to spend in this northern Italy capital of beauty, this 2-days in Venice itinerary will guide you through all the must-sees in Venice.

2 day Venice Itinerary

Signs venice tours

Venice is a great place to spend more time. You can either plan a 1 day Venice itinerary, 2 day Venice itinerary but even a 5 day Venice itinerary! If you visit the city during Venice Carnival or during the Venice film festival, expect an incredible crowd, however, even during the other seasons, Venice is was full of tourists. The city is a maze, therefore to walk around the city you can refer to a Venice Italy map. This is a good tool, however, there are yellow signs everywhere that indicate the main touristic spots. You will always find a way to get to Saint Mark’s square or the Rialto bridge!

When to visit Venice?

venice tours grand canal

I would say that it is always the time to visit Venice, in fact, it is always high season. During the period of Christmas, New Year, and Venice Carnival, it is usually more difficult to find accommodation. Although the city is always beautiful, in the months between June and August the temperatures are very high and the climate is humid, moreover, the city is extremely crowded. The best period for 2-days in Venice is from the end of March to May. Actually, also September is a good option because it’s still summer, but the weather gets cooler. The winter in Venice is cold and wet. In November and December, you might experience the high water phenomenon, so bring your rubber boots!

Traveling to Venice – How to get to Venice?

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Venice is a world of its own and is actually an island. If you’re coming from Italy, or you’re on a train trip in Europe, it is possible to reach Venice by train. The train station is called Santa Lucia and it is the last stop. Do not get down at the Venezia-Mestre train stop, unless your hotel is there. It is also possible to reach the city by airplane. The airport is called Marco Polo. To get to the island travelers will have to take a bus to Piazzale Roma. Calatrava bridge connects the island to the land. It will be sufficient to walk up to the top of the bridge to enjoy the first stunning glimpse of this magical city. Your 2-days in Venice itinerary starts here!

2-days in Venice itinerary

Now it’s time to get through some great things to do in Venice! How to discover Venice and optimize times to get the most out of your experience? Let’s start a sort of Venice virtual tour and check the ultimate Venice itinerary.


You will arrive at Santa Lucina train station or at Piazzale Roma. In this last case, you will have to cross the Calatrava bridge to reach Venice Island. Both ways you will arrive immediately in Strada Nova. It will lead you to Rialto and San Marco square, however, we suggest making the first stop in a very peculiar place: the Jewish ghetto.

Jewish Getto Venice

ghetto venice italy

Out of the beaten path, this part of Venice is a precious gem. Walking alone in the Ghetto will be a unique Venice experience. This part of the island is less crowded compared to the famous touristic spots. There are 5 synagogues, however, they do not have a monumental facade and it is not easy to distinguish them. The Venice Jewish ghetto is the oldest in Europe: it was founded 500 years ago. You can walk around it and discover how history permeates this place, or you can join a guided tour of the three Synagogues that can be visited and see the Jewish Museum.

Rialto bridge

rialto bridge venice

Back on the way to Rialto from Strada Nova, take your time to admire the lively city. Stop to watch the campi (Venetian squares), churches, Venice canals, and bridges. In Strada Nova, you will also see a lot of shops. Some of them sell Venetian carnival masks. Rialto is one of the four bridges that cross the Grand Canal.

From the top of it, you will enjoy an amazing view. The construction dates back to 1592. in addition to its beauty, the bridge is also famous because it is locate in the heart of the commercial zone of the city. It has been the symbol of business and the haunt of merchants. If you’re looking for Venice Instagrammable spots, this is one of them!

Saint Mark’s square

Saint mark's square venice

It is time to reach the most popular part of Venice. The seat of government and prisons, the center of the religious life, and the place to celebrate tournaments and holidays: here is still the beating heart of Venice. The Basilica of San Marco is an unmissable monument to visit! The church was originally built in 828 as a burial ground for the body of Saint Mark. A fire in 976 burned down most of the church, however, it was rebuilt in 1094.

Piazza San Marco also includes the Piazzetta San Marco (located between the Palazzo dei Dogi and the Marciana National Library). Continue walking to admire the Bridge of Sighs. The name comes from the fact that the condemned had to cross the bridge before reaching the prisons and, it is said, one could hear their sighs while they were looking outside for the last time.

Spritz and cicchetti

spritz venice timon
Photo credits veneziaautentica.com

Your 2-day Venice tour can’t be complete without having experienced the local life. When the sun starts to go down, on your way back to “Fondamenta della Misericordia”, stop at “Alla Vecchia” (in Ramo Ca’ d’Oro, 3912). This is a hidden place and a very good restaurant in Venice, however, we suggest trying the aperitif with the traditional glass of wine and meatballs.

venice by night venice restaurant
Photo credits kidsinvenice.com

In “Fondamenta della Misericordia” you will find restaurants and Bacari. Stop at one of them and try the typical Cicchetti with a glass of spritz. We suggest trying “Al Timon“. Enjoy the atmosphere of happiness and sit close to the Venice Canal to have a full experience of the Venetian aperitif.

night venice Italy

Venice by night is just a dream. You can choose between a romantic walk among the maze of the narrow streets. Get lost and be accompanied only by the sound of moored boats and the water. Otherwise, you can continue your bacaro tour and discover the amazing lively nightlife.


Accademia Bridge

Venice accademia bridge museum

Today we start the 2 days in Venice itinerary passing through Campo Santa Margherita. This is also a popular meeting place even in the evening, for aperitifs. In general, it is quite a busy place.
We reach the Accademia Bridge. This is one of the four bridges in Venice that cross the Grand Canal, and it is also the most important urban innovation carried out in the city in the years of the last Austrian domination (1848 – 1866). If you like arts, the Gallerie dell’Accademia museum is a must-see. Here are exhibited paintings by Titian, Tintoretto, and Leonardo, moreover, it is the museum that contains the largest collection of Venetian art.

Fondamenta delle Zattere and Punta Della Dogana

venice canals view venice church

Continuing you will arrive at the Ponte dei Pugni, so-called because it was the historical location of the biggest brawls in Venice. You will then reach the Squero di San Trovaso, where gondolas are built and repaired. You will then reach Fondamenta delle Zattere from where you can see the Giudecca island. Further on you arrive at Punta Della Dogana, where you can admire the Basilica Della Salute, in Venetian Baroque style.

gondolas venice canals


You can take a Vaporetto (water bus), to go back to the train station or Piazzale Roma. The Grand Canal is one of the world’s greatest waterways. As you pass the hundreds of buildings surrounding you, you’ll be tempted to capture each and every unique building. Check the ACTV website for updated information

Extra to do’s to your Venice itinerary

If you plan a trip to Venice during the Venice Film Festival and you like cinema, you can take a day trip from Venice to Lido island. Every year the Venice Film Festival takes place between the end of August and the first week of September. The Lido hosts international stars and the event is hosted in the historic Palazzo del Cinema and the neighboring buildings.

Venice film festival lido Venice
Photo credits hotelmypassion.com

Gondola tour

couple venice gondola venice canals

What’s better than a gondola tour in Venice to admire the beautiful city from a different perspective? The gondola is one of the most popular symbols of Venice. On a gondola, you can see Venice canals and hidden glimpses of the city built on water. You can share the ride with other people for a cheaper price, or you can take a private tour.

Day trips from Venice

burano island day trip from venice

There are many choices for those who want to take a day trip from Venice, for instance, the enchanting Murano and Burano islands are a must-see! There are also lovely cities nearby like Padua or the Prosecco region which is the perfect spot for those who want to enjoy a glass of good Italian wine.

Venice Museums

Venice arts Italy

Venice also offers an enviable range of museums. Tourists can find anything they like here. Among the most popular Venice museums, we have to name The Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Ca’ Pesaro, and Palazzo Ducale, but there are many others worth a visit.

Venice is the city of bridges, the unmatched location for the best romantic nights, and is also full of history and arts. Two days will be just enough to enjoy the beauty and atmosphere of this unique place in the world. If you are lucky enough to visit Venice, you will preserve the memories forever.

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The next time I go to Italy for a weekend I will follow your guide!