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Venice museums: the ones that should not be missed

Venice is the city of love and bridges, however, it does not disappoint arts ad, culture lovers, because it is also full of artistic patrimony and amazing museums. Above all, among Venice museums, it is possible to find modern arts, famous masterpieces, natural history, and much more.

Venice museums you should not miss

Depending on how long you plan to stay in Venice, you can choose how many museums to visit. To help you out with your choice, we made a list of the most famous museums in Venice.

Galleria dell’Accademia

Venice Italy museum Accademia

The Galleria dell’Accademia is located in the Scuola Grande di Santa Maria della Carità. The architectural complex also includes the church of Santa Maria and the monastery of Canonici Lateranensi. The museum houses the most important artistic works of Venetian artists. It features a rich collection of paintings, from the 14th to the 18th centuries, moreover, you will find the works of Bellini, Giorgione, Canaletto, Carpaccio, Veronese, Titian, and Tiepolo.

Palazzo Ducale

Doge's plalace venice city museum
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Palazzo Ducale is the symbol of Venice and one of the most popular among Venice museums. The Doge was the head of the judiciary power and used to live here. Nowadays, this amazing structure hosts the Museo Civico di Palazzo Ducale. It is located in the historic heart of the city: Piazza San Marco. Moreover, it includes a series of smaller museums. In the Doge’s apartments, there are paintings by Veronese, Titian, and Tintoretto. Even if you’re spending one day in Venice, Palazzo Ducale can’t be missed since it’s literally one of the best things to do in Venice.

The Peggy Guggenheim collection

peggy guggenheim collection venice museums
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The Guggenheim museum Venice is among the most important museums of modern art in the world. Here you will see 20th century European and American artworks. Visitors can find the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Palazzo Venier Dei Leoni where Peggy Guggenheim, a patron of the arts, used to live. Works by Picasso, Pollock and many other famous names of modern art are displayed all year round, however, also the museum’s temporary exhibitions are worth a visit. Peggy Guggenheim Collection often hosts events, gala dinners, and private visits to the collections. The weekly appointment for a spritz during the summer season is also very popular.

Ca’ Rezzonico

Museum venice Italy
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Ca’Rezzonico takes its name from the patrician Rezzonico family. In this three-floor baroque palace there are paintings, furnishings, sculptures of great artistic value, and even works by Tiepolo. The majority of its patrimony belongs to the art of the 18th century.

Correr museum Venice

vneice museums correr museum
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The Museo Correr, close to Sant Mark’s square, takes its name from the aristocrat Teodoro Correr. The museum houses a vast collection of paintings, coins, classical antiquities, and marble sculptures by Antonio Canova, moreover, there is an interesting drawing collection bout Venice changes throughout the centuries. Here you will find the historical collections, the paintings gallery, and the museum of the Risorgimento.

Ca’ Pesaro

Venice arts Italy
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Ca ‘Pesaro is a seventeenth-century palace overlooking the Grand Canal, in addition, it houses the new Gallery of Modern Art in Venice since 1902.
In Ca ‘Pesaro International Gallery of Modern Art it is possible to find important paintings and sculptures from the 19th and 20th centuries. Here it is possible to admire beautiful masterpieces, for instance, Klimt, Chagall, Mirò, Kandinsky, Klee, Matisse, Moore, moreover, there is a permanent exhibition of works by Italian artists. Ca’ Pesaro houses also the Oriental Art Museum that counts almost 30.000 artworks.

Palazzo Grassi

 palazzo grassi Italy
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Palazzo Grassi is a neoclassical-inspired building from the 1700s. The Milanese architect Gae Aulenti took care of the renovation of the building, owned by FIAT, in 1983. Today the owner of Palazzo Grassi is the Francois Pinault Foundation. The palace has hosted important exhibitions, for instance on Futurism, Andy Warhol, the Phoenicians, and the Maya.

Jewish museum Venice Italy

Jewish museum venice Italy
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The Jewish museum Venice opened in 1954. You will find it in the Campo del Ghetto Nuovo. It collects valuable artworks about the Venetian Jewish culture.
The themes are the festivities of the year, fine textile furnishings, and the main historical events of the Venetian community.

Natural History Museum

Building Italy natural history
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The Natural History Museum is located in one of the oldest palaces in Venice: the Fontego Dei Turchi, moreover, it overlooks the Grand Canal. The museum offers a rich paleontological section, a section dedicated to the history of naturalistic collecting, a nineteenth-century collection of naturalistic finds. There are also rooms dedicated to nutrition.

We took a virtual tour through the most famous museums in Venice, however, Venice art museums, Jewish and Natural history museums are only some of the possibilities tourists can choose from. The city is enchanting, moreover, it is a famous romantic location, however, there is much more to discover! Arts, history, and architecture are everywhere in this Italian city, therefore you just have to book your trip to Venice.

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