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Venice in a day

Venice in a day: 1 day in Venice itinerary for travelers with little time

Are you planning to visit Venice in a day and you don’t know where to start? Here is a one-day in Venice itinerary that will save you a lot of time! You will find all the unmissable things to do in Venice, Venice canals pictures, and much more!

Visiting Venice in a day is a bit challenging, but it can be done! Just mind wearing comfortable shoes as you will get to walk a lot! Yes, feet are the main mean of transport in the city. In fact, as everybody knows, Venice is built on water. The only ways to move around the city are Vaporettos (the Venetian “boat-bus”), gondolas, water taxis, and by foot. Visitors can purchase Vaporetto tickets online on veneziaunica.it website.


Venice in a day – 1 day Venice itinerary

The suggested itinerary includes the main attractions in Venice, however, we excluded museums because it would take too long to visit them. You’ll find some great tips if you’re also trying to visit Venice on a budget. You can also head on Venice walking tours if you prefer to do group activities.

Gondola Venice

The Grand Canal

If there’s something that must always be on a list of best things to do in Venice, that’s the Canal Grande. Both if you arrive at Santa Lucia train station or at Piazzale Roma, the first thing you will see is the “Canal Grande”, the most famous among Venice canals. From Piazzale Roma, you will have to cross the Calatrava bridge, that connects Venice island to the land. There are many instagrammable places in Venice, and let’s see some more that you should see!

Calatrava bridge venice Italy
Venice canals Italy

You can choose to take “Strada Nova” if you want to see some shops and enjoy the lively Venice city. This street in fact is the main road of Cannaregio district and leads to the Rialto bridge. Otherwise, you can take a Vaporetto to Rialto and watch the fabulous Venetian buildings directly from the canal. Both ways you will love Venice at first sight!

Jewish ghetto

ghetto venice italy

If you choose the first option we suggest taking a short deviation on your way to Rialto to have a look at the Jewish ghetto. This is the oldest ghetto in Europe! It looks like a little island, surrounded by Venice canals, which can only be accessed via two bridges. In the past, there were gates, which were closed at night.

Rialto Bridge

rialto bridge venice

The nest stop of our Venice in a day itinerary is the Rialto bridge. This is the oldest of the four bridges built over the Grand Canal. It dates back to 1588, however, we know that a previous bridge already existed in 1250. Don’t forget to take pictures from the bridge! In Rialto there is also a market with ancient origins, in fact, it has traditionally been present in this place since 1097. You can find it every day, from 9 to 12 AM, in the Campo de la Pescaria.

Saint Mark’s square

Saint mark's square venice

If you visit Venice in 1 day you cannot miss the main square of the city with its beautiful buildings. About 8 minutes walking from Rialto Bridge you will find the most famous spot in Venice: San Marco Bell Towe is one of the Venetian symbols. Tourists can also visit the Basilica of San Marco. Walking past the square, tourists will find the beautiful Bridge of Sighs. The bridge connects the Doge’s Palace with the Prisons. It is said that at the time of the Serenissima Republic of Venice, the prisoners who crossed this bridge towards the prison sighed looking for the last time at the world outside. Therefore the name Bridge of Sighs!

day in venice Italy

Contarini del Bovolo staircase

bovolo staircase day in venice itinerary

If you want to discover something off the traditional tourist path here there is something for you! The Contarini del Bovolo staircase is a hidden gem. It is a spiral staircase, from the top of which you can see the city, moreover, it is the perfect spot for those looking for instagrammable glimpses.

Enjoy the local Venetian life

spritz aperitif venice night

You can’t leave Venice without having tried the traditional Spritz and Cicchetti at a bacaro. Bacaro is the local Venetian bar where you can experience the typical Venetian food and wine in a rustic setting, all at a reasonable price. You should head to the areas richest in bacari like San Polo and Cannaregio. If you have time don’t miss Campo Santa Margherita during the happy hour.

venice canals spritz

Venice at night

When all the tourists are back to their hotels in Venice Italy, that is the moment when the city turns magical. It is the best moment to admire the unique beauty of this stunning place. Take your time to enjoy the silence and fairy atmosphere. Streets will be empty and the lights will reflect in the water of the Venice canals together with the image of the buildings. If you’re visiting Venice in a day, you should definitely not skip any of the mentioned places!

Venice at night bridge Italy
night venice Italy

The marvelous Venice canals, the secret corners, the bacari and the gondolas are some of the amazing things that you can find only in this incredible city. One day in Venice and you will fall in love with this enchanting Italian city for the rest of your life.

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