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Where is Marostica, Italy? Marostica is a town located in the Veneto region, in the province of Vicenza. The name comes from the Venetic language and refers to the hills and the streams that descend from the nearby mountains. The name of the town literally means “one which has mountains and hills”“. Witness the live chess game Marostica Italy!

If you are planning a quick tour in the Northern Italy Veneto region, the town of Marostica is a good choice. Several ancient objects and artifacts dating back to the Venetic times have been found here. The town is famous for its yearly living chess event and for its excellent quality of cherries. The economy of the town is based mainly on agriculture and cattle breeding. What to see in Marostica if not the center and enjoy, music, cherry trees, and a giant chessboard?

Marostica chess game is a famous tradition since 1454. Right in front of the Castle of Marostica, it is possible to notice the giant chessboard. Every two years some willing people dress up in the costumes of pawns, horses, bishops, and other figures present in the chess game. According to the legend in 1454 two warriors fell madly in love with the daughter of the Castellano Taddeo Parisio, and to marry her they challenged each other to a duel. Taddeo Parisio, prevented the duel by deciding that Lionora would marry someone who won a chess game.

What to see in Marostica, Italy?

In Marostica Italy, there are some famous attractions that are worth a visit. Also, depending on when you plan a visit, you might be so lucky to enjoy the very typical Marostica chess game.

Piazza Castello

marostica castle square chess

Piazza Castello is the main Piazza of Marostica. Beautiful buildings that date back centuries surround the picturesque square. Here visitors can also admire the castle of the town. The popular live chess game Marostica Italy takes place in this square. It is possible to see the chessboard laid out in the paving stones all around the year. There are also other important monuments that are located close to the piazza.

The Castles

Marosticha live chess game marostica taly

One caste is not enough: Marostica has two! Castello Superiore and Castello Inferiore. The Castello Superiore is located on the top of a hill and overlooks the town. The Castello Inferiore is located in the main piazza of the town and guards the main entrance. Both the castles have interesting architecture and are worth a visit. Visitors can climb up to Castello Superiore to enjoy the lovely view of the town. The road leading up to the castle is an uphill walk, however, it is also accessible by car. A scenic path leads up to the castle on the top of the hill. There is also an alternative route to descend which leads to a footpath outside the walls. The path has rough stones but is very picturesque with cultivated terraces and beautiful lush trees.

Chess Festival – live chess game Marostica Italy

Marostica is mainly famous for its chess festival which is known as Partita a Scacchi di Marostica (Marostica cess game). The festival takes place on the second weekend in September on even-numbered years. We suggest purchasing the tickets in advance, either in person or online, since the festival attracts a large number of tourists from across Italy and other countries in Europe. In the odd-numbered years, the town organizes a chess tournament. During the living chess game Marostica, a story is re-enacted in which the participants dress in various costumes. The festival is definitely worth a visit! Don’t miss the live chess game Marostica Italy!

live chess game marostica italy
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Where is Marostica Italy and how to get there?

You’re looking to get from Venice to Marostica? Marostica is located quite close to the cities of Vicenza and Bassano Del Grappa. There is no airport in Marostica so the easiest way to reach the town is by bus. Buses depart every few hours from Vicenza, Bassano Del Grappa, and from other destinations in the region. Tickets can be bought at the main bus stations and the state buses are quite comfortable for traveling, moreover, visitors who have a car can also easily drive down to the town. Marostica is located only half an hour away from Vicenza and only about 10 minutes from Bassano Del Grappa so it is quite easy to reach it.

Moving Around Marostica

castele marostica veneto vicenza

Marostica is a very compact town. The main attraction is the yearly living chess festival for which visitors travel to the town. Except for that, there are only two or three sightseeing attractions in the town which can all be visited on foot. Walking around the town is quite enjoyable since the streets are very picturesque. The cobblestoned pedestrian streets are lined with old charming houses which makes it quite interesting to walk around the town.

Accommodation in Marostica, Italy

Marostica is a very small town, however, it attracts quite a lot of tourists, especially in September, because of the living chess festival. Visitors who plan to take a trip to Marostica in September would have to book the accommodation in advance. There are a few good Beds & Breakfasts too, however, all accommodations tend to get more expensive during the festival. There are also a few villas and country houses which can be rented by tourists if they plan to stay longer in the town. Some of the best-known hotels in town are hotel Europa and hotel Due Mori.


Eating in Marostica

There are several good restaurants in town where visitors can eat. There are plenty of good pizzerias, taverns, restaurants, cafes, and bars strewn all around the town that serve good quality food. Most restaurants in town serve local regional dishes and Italian cuisine. Some of the best restaurants in town are Ristorante hotel Rosina, Da Bastian Snc Di Viero Andrea, ristorante La Scacchiera, osteria Madonnetta, ristorante bar Da Rossi. Visitors can find excellent wines in most restaurants and bars and the bakeries in town sell freshly baked bread of different kinds, cheese, and traditional desserts and pastries.

Shopping in Marostica, Italy

Marostica has plenty of good places for shopping. The town has a few shopping streets which are lined with pretty shops that sell locally made clothes, fabrics, shoes, bags, jewelry, woolen and silk clothes, handicrafts, antiques, and several other items. Visitors can purchase good quality olives, salami, locally made cold cuts, and cheese from most food stores here. The wines available in most wine shops in Marostica are also quite good.

If you travel to the Veneto region in Italy and you have enough time, you can stop by Marostica. The town won’t disappoint you, that’s to its pretty appearance, its traditions, and good food.

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This Chess Festival looks amazing 😂

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The architecture of this city is very cute ☺️

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Marostica is under estimated but It’s a really beautiful place!

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