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Venice (Venezia) Italy

Probably the most romantic city in the world, Venice brings people back to a way of living that is forgotten and brings visitors on an imaginary trip back in time. There are no cars, only boats, gondolas and beautiful bridges to move around the city.

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How to get to Venice?

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There are two ways to reach the city of bridges. The first is from the airport, which is located on the mainland. There are two airports to choose from, Treviso, Venice Marco Polo Airport, and Nicelli airport. From the airport, it is possible to take a bus to Piazzale Roma. The second option is to take a train to Santa Lucia train station, which is also the last stop.

When is the best time to visit Venice?

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During certain periods of the year, that coincide with celebrations, events, and public holidays, the city is particularly crowded. For instance, during Christmas and New Year, Easter, Venice Carnival, the city seems like a hive of bees. It is even difficult to find accommodation, therefore, if you plan a visit during these periods, make sure you book your hotel in Venice in advance!

The city is beautiful all year long, however between June and August the temperatures are very high, in addition, the climate is humid. In Winter the weather is cold and wet. In November and December, you might experience the high tides. The water goes up and people have to walk around wearing rubber boots. So when is the best time to visit Venice? The best period to visit the city is from the end of March to May, however also September is a good time because it’s still summer, but the temperatures are cooler.

Where to stay in Venice – the best Venice holtes

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If you don’t know where to stay in Venice, there are actually many options. You will find the perfect hotel for you. There are luxury Venice hotels, B&B, hostels, and apartments. Among the luxury Venice hotels, we have to name the St Regis Venice. This is a 5-star hotel on Venice Grand Canal for people who want to enjoy an amazing view of the city. Also, The Gritti Palace is one of the most popular hotels in Venice for luxury travelers. We can’t forget to mention also Danieli. For people looking for a friendly place on a budget, the Ostello Santa Fosca has an excellent location, between the train station and Rialto bridge. If you would like to experience the life of a Venetian, you can check available apartments on Airbnb or Booking.

Where to eat in Venice

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If you wonder what to eat in Venice, well, there is a wide choice! Options can vary from traditional local cuisine to typical Italian dishes, to Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and many other cuisines from the world. You will surely find your favorite one. Our suggestion is to try the local aperitif with Spritz or a glass of wine and the Cicchetti (traditional Venetian snacks). Fish is a must-eat in of course. Among the suggested restaurants in Venice, you should note down “La Zucca”, if you wish to escape the crowd. L’Alcova, for its panoramic position and Osteria Enoteca Ai Artisti for an exquisite experience on a budget. If you want to finished the night with a drink in a luxury location you can try Harry’s Bar.

Venice itinerary

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Venice has been at the center of the world for centuries, always remaining itself, exchanging goods and culture with the most remote corners of the planet. Marco Polo’s tales show the extension of Venetian commerce, but its layout and the water often convey a sense of isolation and skepticism toward the outside world. Venetians call the Venice narrow streets: “Calli”. They can take tourists to a different dimension. The calli become strangely static and silent, especially at night, adding allure, beauty, and mystery to the city. The city can be cold, humid, and empty at times, and yet it is alive with spirituality, arts, and emotions. Venice talks to visitors through its beauty and romantic atmosphere.

Are you ready to discover more of a perfect Venice itinerary?

The Venice itinerary is not complete if you miss one of the following symbols of the city: Rialto Bridge, St. Mark’s Square, Bridge of Sighs, the famous theater La Fenice, the Accademia bridge, the Jewish Getto. Do not forget to have a spritz with Cicchetti (Venetian salty snacks) before you live, otherwise, your experience will be not complete! If you have more than a day your Venice itinerary can also include a trip to the nearby beautiful island of Murano and Burano or a visit to some of the beautiful museums that the city offers. Anyway, you will not get bored, as there are a lot of things to do in Venice! The city also has a mysterious side. In the city, it is also possible to join ghost tours!

Venice Carnival

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One event that truly summarizes Venice’s spirit is the Carnevale, where colors and costumes emphasize how different this Carnival is from others: less “dancing” than in Rio, for instance, yet classy and timeless.

Venice film Festival

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Located on Lido island, this event attracts people from all over the world. The perfect occasion for cinema enthusiasts and for the curious ones looking for celebrities to spot.

Shopping in Venice

The city offers a series of small shops that are second to none in the world. For a perfect souvenir remember also the glassworkers of the small island of Murano that for centuries have crafted glass with style and perfection. A stop in Murano is a must when visiting Venice, it is an experience that rewards the interest and the cultural appetite of almost anyone.

To conclude, the city of bridges, with its charm and unique athmosphere can conquer anyone. It is sufficiente to get the first glimpse of the city to like it, and a short experience to fall in love forever!

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Brian Neale
2 years ago

I Love Venice Visited Venice Twice as it is one of my favourite Cities. The Grand Canal. The Dolce Palace. Plaza San Marco. San Marco Cathedral. San Georgio Church. The Rialto Bridge. The Gondola’s. Brings back Memories of years gone by