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Watch Venice Live!

In a time when visiting in real life is impossible, you can still watch Venice live on YouTube and feel like you’re there.

Baroque, mood enhancing music in the background is a nice plus!

Rolling webcam on the most beautiful corners of Venice, from the I Love You Venice Youtube page!

Venice remains a jewel of beauty, one of the most amazing places on Earth, which has suffered greatly because of pollution and mass tourism.

Magically, the tragic period we’ve been going through helped the city to find a new balance: never its canals and the whole lagoon have been so clean and peaceful, with fish swimming around and visible to the naked eye.

The quiet that dominates calli and squares gave back to Venice a sense of elegance and mystery that was often lost among the noise and bedlam brought about by hoards of people roaming its streets.

Of course, tourists will come back: Venice needs them and, most of all, Venice loves them. But certainly, this lease of new life that quiet and silence gave La Serenissima should make us all think about how to visit it without spoiling it, enjoy it without disrespect it. Something to think about, while we watch Venice live, under the sky of these early days of May.

watch Venice live
Venice: Image by David Mark from Pixabay 

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