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The Perugia hospital launches a dancing challenge

Following the rhythm of the song by Checco Zalone, patients and workers danced. And sent a message of hope.

La Vacinada challenge moves to the beat of Zalone’s song with the participation of Helen Mirren. The song itself is a comedic take on life during and after the pandemic. Will other hospitals and healthcare workers follow this example?

La Vacinada challenge in Perugia

The team and unit that launched the dancing challenge is the spinal cord’s one. Patients, doctors, and nurses danced to a rhythm designed to make the audience smile. And think. Indeed, think, since this song promotes the “vacinada,” the vaccinated woman.

The hospital of Perugia took this lyrics and beats to spread a positive message. The goal of the La Vacinada challenge is to tell everyone to stay strong. Especially after such a difficult year, which was even worse for healthcare workers and their patients. While Covid-19 took over the conversations, people kept fighting medical issues. Including ones to the spinal cord. With this video, the team of Perugia’s hospital says “it’s time to have fun.”

Perugia is throwing the challenge glove to all the Italian spinal cord units. It’s time to pick up the glove and show everyone we can still smile. Plus, this dancing challenge is a way to raise awareness, especially around people with disabilities.

”Projects like the La Vacinada challenge, “ said the director of the hospital Marcello Giannico, “are the result of a daily job we do at the unit of this hospital, a structure where you can breath a positive energy. And we owe all of this to our healthcare workers, filled with professional and human mission.”

A mission that they carried with passion and dedication throughout the pandemic. Now, it’s time to move on.

Covid hospitals closing in Italy

With more and more Italians getting the vaccine and a positivity rate below 1%, Italian hospitals are ready to move on.

For example, the hospital of Santissima Trinità of Cagliari in Sardinia. It’s shifting its focus the other departments and units, starting from general surgery. Or the hospitals in the region of Umbria, which only has 30 Covid patients throughout the region. The same is slowly happening in the city of Bergamo, which was the virus hotspot during February and March 2020.

So, there is reason to celebrate. And to dance and launch projects like La Vacinada challenge.

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2 years ago

Such a beautiful message!

2 years ago

I wonder how much time they prepared to create the choreography

2 years ago

It is a beautiful initiative ☺️