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Milan Malpensa

The workers of Malpensa airport dance the reopening

Summer is almost here and travel is restarting in Italy. The workers of airports are, indeed, happy.

As life is getting back to normal, flights are departing, even from Milan Malpensa.

Dancing Jerusalema

It’s a group choreography, inspiring and full of hope. That’s how the workers of airport Milan Malpensa have celebrated the beginning of the season. After months of empty and cancelled flights, life is back to normal for stewards, crew members, and pilots. The video features the staff of airport handling and everyone is ready to start working and for take off.

Of course, everyone is wearing a mask and respecting the distancing rules. Because flights are departing, but Covid is still here. But the virus didn’t ruin the party. In fact, the staff is “proud of restarting with passion, with ever giving up, but aiming high.” As high as the sky.

News from Milan Malpensa

So, how does flying look like now?

Covid-Tested flights from the US

On May, 8th, 2021, the flight Malpensa-NYC made its debut with United Airlines. This thanks to the latest rules, that allow American citizens with a negative Covid test to enter Italy. These flights are Covid-Tested to make sure no one aboard carries the virus. Hence, they won’t need to take the 14 days of quarantene. Furthermore, American travelers have to fill out the the Digital Passenger Locator Form (dPLF). So, there are papers to fill out, but it’s all worth it for an Italian vacation.

Anyway, all travelers passing by Milan Malpensa have to wear a mask, even indoors.

From June 1st, 2021, the airline Emirates will also be back in business to connect Italy with the United States. Especially with New York City, since Emirates aims at having three weekly flights, while still traveling to Dubai.

On the other hand, Wizz Air has launched its flights to Casablanca and Sharm El Sheikh, Morocco. From June 12th and twice a week, passengers can relax in the Moroccan beaches and explore the city’s alleys. The low cost airline believes in the reopening, so much so that it is hiring crew members in Italy. Speaking of low cost, even Ryanair is ready to take off from Milan Malpensa, with added flights to Bruxelles and Frankfurt.

These are positive signs, after months and months of deep crisis for the industry.

Milan Malpensa
Ready for take off? Image via.

The Covid effect on the airport

Needless to say, the life at Milan Malpensa changed dramatically with the pandemic. The majority of flights were cancelled, workers were laid off, and the halls were empty. During the first two months of 2021, the passenger traffic at Malpensa dropped by 88%, compared to the same months in 2020. Plus, the 2020 financial year closed with a decline in traffic of 75%, compared to 2019.

The only positive note came from commercial flights, since the cargo city of the Malpensa hub was working thanks to couriers such as DHL.

Indeed, the hope is that vaccines and looser restrictions will promote travel once again. Are you planning to visit Italy this summer?

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Carmen Janet Sanchez
3 years ago

This is so wonderful.