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Colosseum in Rome
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The project for the new Colosseum arena has been announced

The new project aims at restoring the central arena of the famous amphitheater. Here’s how this new yet old Colosseum will look like.

The Colosseum in Rome is a symbol that everyone in the world knows. But it has been neglected. Well, this project aims at changing this negative trend.

Details of the new Colosseum in Rome

The company Milan Ingegneria won the competition, thanks to its innovative concepts. The project includes a platform that can help preserve the site. Plus, it will feature a new arena, which will be used for events and guided tours. Finally, it will be accessible to the public.

Just as innovative is the platform itself, made of panels in carbon fibers and Accoya, a particular wood. So, every material aims at making it durable and resistant. Furthermore, some of the panels will be movable, hence visitors will be able to see the environments below. Those used to be the lower floors of the arena.

On the other hand, the scaffolding is of stainless steel and it will lay directly on the walls. Indeed, it’s just as useful as the platform. In fact, this scaffolding will light the environment, collect the rain for the restrooms, and preserve the ancient walls of the Colosseum in Rome. Further details of the project include 24 ventilation systems. These will control the humidity and temperature of the site, changing the air in only 30 minutes.

Indeed, this new Colosseum will be more eco-friendly and visitor-friendly. The Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini, believes this is an opportunity, not a loss.

”The criticism is inevitable since this is a symbol of Italy,” Franceschini said, “I believe this is a valuable project, that unites sustainability with the improvement of technology and preservation. A big challenge for Italy.”

Watch: a tour of the Colosseum

Travel with your mind to Rome, to enjoy this unique monument.

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3 years ago

The video is amazing !

3 years ago

I think this is a good project