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Deep down to the roots of the Colosseum

For the first time in modern history, visitors will be able to go down. Deep into the guts of ancient Rome history and heritage.

The icon of Roman history has been going through many renovations. And more projects are coming, especially for the Arena. With renovations happening, others are finally done. Thanks to the investment of Tod’s, travelers will soon be able to visit the Colosseum ipogei. What is this about?

The Colosseum ipogei back in business

Over 80 experts, specialists, and researchers have worked to renovate the Colosseum ipogei. It was a team of architects, engineers, construction workers, and geologists that committed over 55.000 hours of work. And 7,000 days in the field. In fact, the renovation project began in December 2018, thanks to the financial backing of Tod’s.

Now, this part of the iconic monument is entering its second phase. This second step of the renovations includes works on the exterior. Finally, the third and last phase of the project includes building an outdoors service center to welcome and support travelers during their visit. Hence, more hours of work and commitment. But it’s worth it, like the director of the archaeological park Alfonsina Russo knows.

“This is a complex and hard work,” said Russo to ANSA, “and we are still analyzing the results in the Colosseum ipogei.” While this analysis is ongoing, the Tod’s Group is already pleased with the accomplishments.

”It’s a true source of pride to see everything come to life,” said Tod’s president Diego Della Valle, “like everyone else, I first came to the Colosseum when I was in school. After a long trip on the bus, I was met with this giant, right in front of me.” Della Valle didn’t have a chance to visit the ipogei when he was younger. Now, he can.

What are the ipogei?

This area is almost the behind the scenes of the theater called Colosseum. That’s where the gladiators, animals, and machines came out onto the main stage, the Arena. It’s under the rest of the monument, almost like a cool and ferocious basement. The ipogei were a maze of halls and rooms. A long serpentine brought the gladiators and their rivals to light. There are 15 halls, leading from the Porta Libitinaria to the Trionfale, the big entrance.

The Colosseum ipogei went into deep darkness 2,000 years ago. Up until the renovations, no one knew what to look for -and what to expect. Now, with the new Arena flooring, renovators brought this place back to life.

How to visit

The reservation is mandatory and the price includes both the entrance and the guided tour. It’s recommended to purchase the Full Experience ticket, which costs euro 22 for adults and euro 2 for travelers between 18 and 25. Groups have a limit of 20 people and anyone can buy the ticket online at the Colosseum’s website. Plus, the guided tour is available in three languages: English, Spanish, and Italian. There are scheduled times, so planning is crucial.

Travelers to Rome can now enjoy a 360-degree experience in the iconic Colosseum. Indeed, it’s a dream come true.

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2 years ago

I wish I will be able to go to Italy soon to see this Mater piece

2 years ago

The video is very nice!