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The submerged village of Curon sees the light

Under the waters of Lake Resia since 1950, a recent renovation job brought it back to light.

The village of Curon, in the Trentino Alto Adige region, is back in the surface. After over 50 years of myths and legends.

The latest works

This area became Lake Resia when a dam appeared. Recently, the owning company has been doing renovation works. The water level dropped so much that the basin was almost dry. And the remains of Curon reappeared.

The lake and its 14th century tower has been a tourist destination for decades. Visitors love the peculiar sight of a bell tower, right in the middle of the blue lake. And surrounded by the beauty of the Alps. Without a doubt, a place worth visiting.

What happened in Curon

Once upon a time, there were three lakes: Resia, Lake Curon, and Lake of San Valentino alla Muta. and there was a small alpine village, full of quiet charm and locals who loved their home. Until 1939, when the construction of the dam began. Companies wanted to produce energy, power to send down the valley.

And they didn’t care about Curon and its people. So, the first step was the unification of the three lakes. From three to one: only Lake Resia remained. While World War II slowed down the construction, the end of the conflict meant the restart of the works. Despite the criticism that didn’t only come from the locals.

In fact, the people of Curon looked for support in the Pope. But with no luck. The dam was a done deal. And, once done, it submerged 163 houses and 500 hectares of fields. People moved downt he valley, away from the blue waters. The only visible signed of the village was the church bell from the 1300s, a reminder of the locals’ pride and heritage.

Of course, myths and legends around Curon abound. Even Netlfix picked up on them and produced the Italian show Curon.

Val Venosta, a touristic destination

Lake Resia and its submerged are in Val Venosta, in the region of Trentino Alto Adige. This is a destination perfect for both summer and winter. There is something to do for hikes, skiers, and even families.

For culture buffs

You can’t miss the many castles in this region, like Castle Coira, which you can enjoy with guided tours. Also, check out the Abbazia di Monte Maria, the highest Benedictine abbey in Europe -it stands at 1340 meters above sea level.

Val Venosta and the cute villages

While Curon has been submerged, many little towns haven’t. One of them is Glorenza, which features a well-preserved Medieval wall. Or Sluderno, with a gorgeous castle perched on a hill. Thanks to the scenery roads, you will enjoy your village hopping vacation.

For the nature lovers

After all, you are in the region of the Alps. If you don’t enjoy time in nature, this is not the right destination for you. In Val Venosta, you can enjoy the Stelvio Park, with tons of hiking trails and fun slopes. Here, you will also find the highest pass in Italy, with a winding road that will surely make you dizzy.

Ready to pack your bags?

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3 years ago

This is impressive, i think this place would be very interesting to visit, I keep it in mind 😉

3 years ago

This is absolutely amazing !