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Jannik Sinner
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Meet Jannik Sinner, the future of Italian tennis

Born in 2001, this young player is breaking every record. And his ascent has just started.

Sure, his last name might fool some. In fact, Jannik Sinner comes from a German family. But he plays for the tricolor.

A career in tennis

He started playing tennis when he was 8, training with Heribert Mayr and Andrea Spizzica. Still, he was deciding between ski and tennis. Until the latter prevailed, when Sinner turned 13. The Italian player made his professional debut when he was only 14, in 2015. His first win happened in 2017, during the Juniores 2nd Qatar ITF Open. By the end of the 2018 season, Sinner ranked 551 in the world.

The next year is an important one for his career. He participated in tournaments such as the 250 of Saint Petersburg, the Round-robin, and the Wimbledon. At the end of the 2019 season, he ranked 78th. Indeed, a true success.

But things only improved from him in 2020. In fact, he firstly joined the Australian Open. In Rotterdam, he became the first Italian to reach the quarter-finals in the ATP 500 category. At the Roland Garos, Sinner only surrounded to Rafael Nadal. By the end of 2020, the Italian player ranked 37th.

Jannik Sinner in 2021

His worldwide ranking is now 19. Thanks to his win at the 250 di Melbourne and thanks to his record-breaking at the Miami Masters. In fact, in Florida, Sinner became the first Italian player to reach the final in a category Masters 1000 in an outdoors tournament. And the youngest one ever to reach such a goal.

While in Monte Carlo he had to surrender to Novak Đoković, the Italian player has succeeded in the Barcelona ATP, reaching the semifinals. Unfortunately, he stopped short of making it to the final. But, without a doubt, is star is just born.

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