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Doha 2024 Swimming World Championships: Italy with 19 Medals

It concludes with a bang and tremendous success for the athletes of the Italian national swimming, water polo, diving, and artistic swimming teams. Italy climbed the podium a remarkable 19 times in the XXI edition of the World Swimming Championships held in Doha, Qatar, from February 12th to 18th.

Italian National Team Scores a Deluge of Medals

3 gold medals, 10 silver medals, and 6 bronze. A rich haul places Italy in fifth place on the medal table, behind only China, the United States, Australia, and the Netherlands.

Returning home from the Qatar expedition more than satisfied is Simona Quadarella, the 25-year-old from Rome who brought Italy back to the podium in the 1500m after 51 years and in the 800 meters.

Doha 2024 Swimming World Championships: Simona Quadarella
Simona Quadarella

Her remarks to RaiSport’s microphones do not hide her difficulties, but they did not deny her the best imaginable success. “I was exhausted, the race didn’t start well because the others started strong, I gave everything I had, one of the toughest races I’ve ever done but I’m delighted! I tried to wait as long as possible to start, and after the turn I started, I said: I give everything, whatever happens. It’s the victory of experience. I’m not in the best shape, but my experience has helped me a lot. I am happy.”

Simona Quadarella, one of the brightest stars of the swimming team, certainly did not leave anyone surprised. Her palmares boast more than 30 international medals, including 22 golds. She thus redeems herself from the XX edition of the 2023 swimming world championships, held in Fukuoka, where she failed to go beyond 4th place in the 800m freestyle and a silver medal in the 1500m.

Giorgio Minsini completes the list of gold medals, stepping onto the highest podium in men’s artistic swimming.

Doha 2024 Swimming World Championships: Giorgio Minsini
Giorgio Minsini

16 Medals Between Silvers and Bronzes, Success in Doha

Often the focus is only on the number one, but when it comes to competitions of this caliber, every medal is worth gold. This is well known by all the athletes on the national team who delighted our eyes and made our hearts beat faster with their record-breaking performances. Below, you can find the other champions who have held the name of Italy by securing a prestigious second place in the world:

  • Giovanni Tocci and Lorenzo Marsaglia (Men’s 3m Synchronized Springboard)
  • Giorgio Minsini (Men’s Artistic Swimming Technical)
  • Giulia Gabbrielleschi, Arianna Bridi, Gregorio Paltrinieri, and Domenico Acerenza (Mixed Open Water 4×1500 meters relay)
  • Chiara Pellacani and Matteo Santoro (Mixed 3m Synchronized Diving)
  • Alessandro Miressi, Lorenzo Zazzeri, Paolo Conte Bonin, Manuel Frigo (Men’s 4x100m Freestyle Relay)
  • Nicolò Martinenghi (100m Breaststroke)
  • Nicolò Martinenghi (50m Breaststroke)
  • Alberto Razzetti (200m Butterfly)
  • Alessandro Miressi (100m Freestyle)
  • Men’s Water Polo
Doha 2024 Swimming World Championships: Nicolò Martinenghi
Nicolò Martinenghi

The following athletes won the 6 bronze medals:

  • Michele Lamberti, Nicolò Martinenghi, Gianmarco Sansone, and Alessandro Miressi (Men’s 4x100m Medley Relay)
  • Benedetta Pilato (100m Breaststroke)
  • Sara Franceschi (400m Individual Medley)
  • Gregorio Paltrinieri (800m Freestyle)
  • Domenico Acerenza (Open Water Swimming, 5000m)
  • Alberto Razzetti (200m Individual Medley)

The Italian swimming team can return home with suitcases full of successes, once again confirming its immense potential ahead of the XXXIII Olympic Games in Paris from July 26th to August 11th.

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