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Venice 1600, the city and its anniversary

The city of bridges and love celebrates 1600 years of life, art, and dreams. And the celebrations have just begun.

Venice 1600: the city is ready to turn it up. Perhaps not in person, but online will do for now.

Venice 1600, the celebrations

Rumor has it, the city was founded on March, 25th, 421. In fact, researchers found two manuscripts. One by the Chronicon Altinate and the other by Marin Sanudo. Both describe a big fire in Rialto in 1514.

And Sanudo writes in his diary, “..solum restò in piedi la chiexia di San Giacomo di Rialto… la qual fu la prima chiexia edificata in Venetia dil 421 a dì 25 Marzo, come in le nostre croniche si leze.” Or, translated: “only the church of San Giacomo of Rialto stood. And this was the first church built in Venice on March, 25, 421. Like our chronicles tell.”

To celebrate Venice, this unique birthday, the city has organized events and parties to promote the local community. The program of Venice 1600 includes exhibitions, museums, conferences, and workshops.

The program of events in Venice

The calendar of events officially starts on March, 25th. And the list of the appointments is available at the Venice 1600 website. While the full program isn’t available yet, one things is for sure. The celebrations will last until 2022. Indeed, a whole year of party. Both online and offline.

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