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ANA Launches Direct Milan Malpensa-Tokyo Flight

On December 18, the Japanese airline ANA (All Nippon Airways) opened executive offices in Milan, establishing new communication links between Italy and Japan.

The Milan Malpensa-Tokyo route, with no layovers, emerges as a front-runner in long-haul routes between Europe and Asia. Initially proposed in 2020, the project had been stalled due to the COVID-19 emergency that same year.

All Nippon Airways’ New Hub in Milan

Good news for those eager to reach the Land of the Rising Sun from Italy! Various routes connecting the two continents were already operational, departing from Stockholm, London, Brussels, Paris, and Munich, all provided by ANA. However, the network is expanding, with the Japanese airline aiming for a monopoly on long-haul routes. Beyond Milan-Tokyo, ANA has recently introduced non-stop long-haul flights departing from Istanbul, Moscow, Vladivostok, and Milan is just the latest addition to a flourishing list.

Milan Malpensa | Credit

Direct Flight Milan Malpensa-Tokyo

The departure is scheduled for 12:10 a.m. with flight NH208, reaching Tokyo at 7:00 a.m. the following morning at Tokyo Haneda Airport. For the return journey, flight NH207 departs from Tokyo Haneda at 00:55, arriving at Milan Malpensa at 06:20.

Nevertheless, ANA’s arrival at Malpensa was part of a bilateral agreement between Italian and Japanese authorities to increase direct flight frequencies between the two countries. This shift would break Alitalia’s monopoly on the Milan-Tokyo route, offering travelers another viable alternative.

Tokyo Haneda Airport | Credit – Direct Milan Malpensa-Tokyo Flight

ANA’s establishment in Milan and the inauguration of the non-stop Milan-Tokyo route mark a significant stride in enhancing air connectivity between Italy and Japan. The expanded network not only provides more options for Italian travelers to reach the Far East but also challenges the existing monopoly, fostering healthy competition in the airline industry.

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