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A new Raphael painting has been unearthed – investigations are still ongoing

There are people who reject all possibilities and those who are simply elevated. On the occasion of the conference The ideal beauty – Raffaello Sanzio’s Vision of Perfection, a shocking statement was made on September 16 in Pergola. A new painting appears to have arisen as part of a rich and distinguished collection of foreign art, which some experts have already linked to the divine hands of Raffaello Sanzio (1483-1520). The new surveys are all in Italian and will be published in the journal Open Science – Art and Science in the near future. Is it really a new Raphael painting? We’ll see.

The examinations are still ongoing, and a team of prominent Renaissance works of art and religious iconography experts is working to determine whether the picture is truly a masterpiece by the Renaissance master.

Artwork and fresh investigations

new Rapahel painting
Raffello Sanzio | Credit

The painting, 46 cm by 34 cm on a poplar board, depicts a Magdalene with the face of Chiara Fancelli, Pietro Perugino‘s wife. He was known as the divine painter or simply the Perugino and was one of Raffaello Sanzio’s most distinguished and accomplished masters. The painting appears to date from 1504, and what most confounds specialists is that a comparable picture in Perugino’s version is already on display at the Palatine Gallery.

At the time, it appears that not all the parts of this sophisticated puzzle are in place, and we will have to wait for future developments regarding ownership of this new picture. Meanwhile, the experts who analyzed the painting stated:

It’s far superior, both stylistically and technically, to that of Perugino. The elegance and harmony of the composition bring the model to life, in a fashion akin to Leonardo da Vinci‘s works, which were able to express the being and his spirit; the impact of the Tuscan genius is clear and can be seen in the usage and mastery of the subtle presence.

Proof of the new discovery

The discovery is the result of a study conducted by the University of Camerino, which gave the data, which was later assessed by the scholar Jean-Charles Pomerol, professor emeritus of the Sorbonne in Paris.

First, when evaluating the pictorial composition, there appear to be some of Raphael’s characteristics, vital indications that allowed the painting to be distinguished from other versions of his apprentices. The graphic layers also faithfully replicate the stages of the legendary Urbino painter, which experts consider to be a major plus.

Not all academics agree

Vittorio Sgarbi - new Raphael painting
Vittorio Sgarbi is skeptical and believes it is merely a news report.

Presently, the number 1 of the opponents is Vittorio Sgarbi, a writer, art critic, and former member of parliament who is well-known in Italy.

There is no way that the painting billed as Raphael and announced at Pergola is by the Urbino master. It is just a journalistic scoop because it is based on the knowledge of a few being a work in private collection, with the owner’s legitimate desire to buy a Raphael. […] It is also impossible for Perugino to paint a replica of Raphael. As a result, the new edition of the private collection is essentially a clone of Perugino.

Sgarbi, like other eminent iconographic experts, unquestionably refuses to swallow what they see as a dirty marketing ploy and a nefarious misrepresentation. In essence, who wouldn’t want to wake up one day and realize they have something priceless?

Featured Image – new Raphael painting Credit

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