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Shopping in Abruzzo

Abruzzo – Provinces

Abruzzo is a region in Italy situated close to Rome. Abruzzo is located in the center of Italy and faces the Adriatic Sea along which the region has a long coastline of rocks and beaches. Spread over an area of 10,794 sq km, Abruzzo is situated in the middle of the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea and is known to be the most mountainous regions of the country. Unlike the other regions in Italy, Abruzzo had mostly been ignored in the past few decades as a tourist destination. It is only in the recent years that the region has become a popular tourist destination among the locals from the other regions and Europeans.

What makes Abruzzo so special is its numerous beautiful medieval towns and its many castles. It is because of this reason that tourism has picked up in the region in the past decade. However, for most people Abruzzo still remains the beaten track in comparison to the other more popular destinations in Italy.

Shopping in Italy can be a lot of fun no matter what the region is. Abruzzo is no exception and has a lot of places where visitors can shop for local products. The economy of the country has picked up in the last few years and while the main industries here are related to telecommunications and transport, agriculture is still an important part of the lifestyle. Abruzzo produces high quality olives, dairy products, cereals and wines. The traditional products of the region are liquorice and saffron.

Street Shopping in Abruzzo

One of the best places to shop in Italy is the many open air markets. Almost every part of Italy, Abruzzo being no exception, has traditional open air markets, flea markets and food markets. These markets are still quite old fashioned and traditional in nature. Visitors would often find unique gifts and souvenirs, interesting antiques and many odd little trinkets. It is not uncommon to stumble upon beautiful art works in the open air markets which are being sold for very reasonable prices.

Visitors can visit these old markets and get a taste of the local lifestyle of Abruzzo. The people are friendly and bargaining is a known custom here. Although these markets can be quite crowded, they are a lot of fun. While in Abruzzo, visitors should definitely consider visiting one of the below listed outdoor markets:

shopping in abruzzo

  • In the town of Sulmona, visitors can find outdoor flea markets on the town’s street every day in the month of July. These flea markets are not held all year long, but only during one month.
  • The capital of the region, L’Aquila is the best place to shop in Abruzzo. The Santa Maria di Paganica Piazza in the city is the venue for the outdoor market which is known as Antiquariato e artigianato. These markets are held every month on the second weekend.
  • In the rest of the towns of the regions, outdoor markets are held only during one month every year. In Pescara, the market is every day in the month of July while in the town of Papoli the market is held each year in the month of August.
  • For those who are visiting the region in July or August, Castelli is a must visit. There is a large outdoor ceramic market which takes place in these two months. Visitors would not only get an opportunity to see the artisans at work but would also be able to purchase beautiful ceramic pieces at low prices.

shopping in abruzzo

Shopping in L’Aquila

L’Aquila had faced several serious problems in terms of its economy, population and agriculture in the past decades. Agriculture had suffered a toll but in the last decade the economy of the comune has picked up and today it is one of the best places to shop in Abruzzo. Apart from the outdoor markets, visitors would also find the traditional food markets in Piazza del Mercato quite interesting. These food markets have a variety of fresh produce and vegetables, good quality olive oils, freshly baked local breads and cheese to purchase. L’Aquila also has plenty of small wine shops and bakeries where visitors would be able to find good quality local red wines as well as traditional pastries. Sorelle Nurzia in the town of Bazzano is one of the oldest pasticceria in the region. Established in 1835, it is well renowned for its special Torrone, which is nougat made from egg whites, walnuts, vanilla and honey. Those who love chocolates can purchase the delicious Nocciolato which is nougat with hazelnuts.

shopping in abruzzo

Shopping in Chieti

Chieti province and town have a number of amazing places where visitors can purchase traditional food items. The province is known for its many wine shops, patisseries and its traditional food shops. Visitors can visit the traditional food market held every Tuesday in Piazza Municipio to find fresh local produce and other food products. One of the best wineries in Chieti are Agr Masciarelli, Enoteca Fiore, Enoteca Regionale and Frattoria Licia. For good quality olive oil visitors can visit Agricola Tommaso Masciantonio and for traditional pastries and sweets the Pasticceria Emo Lullo is known to be best in the province.

Shopping in Pescara

Pescara is considered to be the most important province in Abruzzo in terms of economy as well as tourism. Because of its beautiful beaches and its clear water, Pescara attracts quite a lot of tourists from all over the world. For this reason there are plenty of shopping places in the city.

shopping in abruzzo

Along the promenade is a shopping district which is lined with chic and trendy boutiques selling some of the newest arrivals in the world of fashion. Visitors would be able to find beautiful clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags and antiques. Those who prefer a little more traditional shopping experience can visit the outdoor flea markets or the traditional food markets in the town. one of the best known wineries in Pescara is Valle Reale which has won an award for its amazing wine.

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