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Milan Shopping

Shopping for Jewelry in Milan

Jewelry Stores in Italy’s Cities

Dedicated to the women of the new millennium, free

from the constraints imposed by traditional jewelry, women who enjoy

themselves and express their femininity by wearing a “jewel” like an

accessory, changing it with the ease that one changes purse or shoes,

depending on the mood of the day. In a city like Milan that is always

ready to offer the most recent innovations: It is enough to pause and

explore the jewelry stores of Milan, where metal and precious stones

are united to form handmade, unique pieces of great personality that

are dedicated to today’s sophisticated women.

Galante Visconti Mirta Visconti and Claudia Galante

met in 1984. In common, they share creativity, love of the unusual,

the precious, and the mysterious. And so a great friendship was born.

After various collaborative experiences with prestigious names, at the

end of 2000 they opened their own salesroom in Milan. The store, designed

by Claudia and Mirta, resembles a small spaceship parked in the heart

of the old city. Each creation is unique. The gold, practically always

worked with techniques capable of rendering it similar to silk, is white,

yellow, red but also green. The metal, made more precious with diamonds,

also embraces hard stones and crystal, cut in ways to highlight its

natural glow. The results are modern and unique jewels of timeless attraction,

already greatly appreciated abroad.

Anaconda This is a store away from the main shopping

circuit. In passing along a small street behind the public university,

one is struck by the particular atmosphere of this store. Over the years,

it has become well known to the Milanese seeking a piece of jewelry

with personality. This is the result of the singular union between precious

metals of the most unexpected colors, and stones with unusual and harmonious

design – the mark of unmistakable style and elegance.

Maria Grazia Baldan The quest for elegance is the

first impression that one gleans from this store’s showcases. Jewelry

lying on silk velvet or hanging on antique oriental statues is shown

in a setting which highlights the unique aspects of these creations

of precious stones, enamels and gold. Pearls, antique jade and coral

are combined knowingly in a highly artistic manner. Upon request, boring

or forgotten pieces of jewelry can be mounted in new and personalized

settings. The building where the store is located is very attractive

in “Madison Avenue” style.

Anna Vicenzini Anna is an extravagant and delightful

Milanese lady who for many years has created humorous jewels of various

forms, all decidedly large, with colored stones. New collections are

in continuous evolution. The ring is without doubt the distinctive piece

of this designer’s output. One can chat with Anna over a cup of tea

in her lovely home located in the historic center of the city. This

is surely a pleasant and interesting visit.

Cornelia Paola Micheletto was born and bred in a

family of four generations of jewelers. Having scant interest in academic

studies, in 1989 she opened with a partner a jewelry store “I Gracchi”.

The subsequent years were golden ones for her, finally free to express

her creativity. After 12 years, however, destiny brought a separation

and Paola, being sentimental at heart, decided to leave “I Gracchi”

and open instead “Cornelia” to provide continuation for her creativity.

Green and fuchsia are the colors of the store, which has some brick

decorations and a large crystal chandelier. Bizarre and eclectic, each

piece has its own story, like the branches of coral found by chance

and mounted with diamonds as earrings. Unusual pieces are made with

materials such as wood, ebony, stone, antique Chinese lacquer, and finally

ivory and ebony “teeth” mounted in white gold are dedicated to men of

spirit and humor.

By Francesca Legnani

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