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Italy Coronavirus news: the boom of start-ups in Southern Italy

The pandemic has changed the way we live: from how we interact and live in the cities to how we move between countries, moreover, the virus forced a lot of people around the world to go through remote work. Coronavirus in Italy generated the “South Working”. A multitude of start-ups and young entrepreneurs moved to the south of the country in search of opportunities and a better life.

Coronavirus in Italy: what is the “Southern working”?

Coronavirus remote work

Southern Italy, which has suffered from unemployment and saw an enormous number of emigrants to the North of the country, is now attracting more and more remote workers. In fact, since the outbreak of Coronavirus in Italy, many people returned to their hometowns in the South of Italy. Thanks to remote work, many of them had the opportunity to remain in those places while keeping their jobs. “South working“ is the name of this phenomenon. But, which are the advantages of South working? In general, a better quality of life. Firstly, less stress due to the more relaxed way of life. Secondly, a much lower cost of living! Without mentioning that some people’s hometowns are located close to the sea. Just think about the amazing Sicily island with its beautiful see or Puglia and Calabria beaches! How nice can it be a swim after a day of work?!

Doing business remotely during Coronavirus in Italy

remote working coronavirus

“South Working” is a non-profit organization that aims at helping local entities to promote remote work in the south of Italy. Moreover, it encourages young professionals to go back to their hometowns. Co-working spaces have been created to support start-ups and employees. Sicily is attracting more and more start-ups and young entrepreneurs full of desire to reconcile business with a pleasant life. For instance, Palazzolo Acreide, one hour from Catania, is a medieval village victim of rural depopulation. The coronavirus in Italy favored the return of young people and the municipality is offering services and spaces to be used as co-working. The village is starting to live again!

An American in the South of Italy: the reverse brain drain

The brain drain is a phenomenon that in 2019 affected about 300,000 Italians. Smart young people move abroad in search of better job and career opportunities. In 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, many people moved from the North of Italy, but also from abroad moved to Southern Italy. For example Mike Xenakis, a 30 years old young man. In 2020 he moved from New York to Catania to work at Flazio.com. A made in Italy platform to manage websites independently without knowledge of programming language. The team is very cool: all between 21 and 32 years old. Although it is an Italian company, the customers are also international, in fact, it is expanding in the USA. Catania and Manhattan are not quite the same, but coronavirus in Italy proved that the South of Italy can be an amazing place to live and even to do business.

This story proofs that things are changing in the South of Italy. It could be the first step towards the return of the fleeing brains that once decided to leave Southern Italy, moreover foreigners, as Mike Xenakis could decide to come to Italy and change their way of living. Even though Coronavirus in Italy has had a terrible impact on the economy, however, it also created new opportunities and possibilities for the future.  

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Aurelie mernolia
2 years ago

It remind me this trend of “Digital nomads”, i think if you can find a way to make money from everywhere, the pandemic doesn’t really impact your business

2 years ago

The remote work are probably the best solution with the pandemic. Most of people have to work from home anyway so if you are on the sea side it’s better !

2 years ago

Very intersting article, it could be a great idea for a work reconversion lol