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Driver's License at 101
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Record in Italy: Former Naval Operator Renews Driver’s License at 101 Years Old

Salvatore Fanconi has been in the spotlight in the past few hours after successfully passing medical examinations and tests for the renewal of his driver’s license. “It’s important for me to stay active and not rely on others,” he said, and surely his family couldn’t be prouder of him.

101 Years Old but Still Eager to Act

He is a true machine, a rock more than solid. Preserving physical fitness and health like Salvatore’s at 101 isn’t easy; he still has the strength, clarity of mind, and courage to hit the road. In addition to his record-breaking physical condition, Salvatore is a true example: despite his age, he still expresses interest in doing many things, obviously in line with his current physical abilities. For example, often with the onset of old age, more and more people give up leisure activities, and outdoor activities, and passively wait for time to pass. This is not the case with Salvatore, who received the approval of legal medicine doctors in Massa Carrara after passing instrumental tests for heart evaluation, vision, hearing, and reflexes.

Salvatore Renews Driver's license at 101
Salvatore Renews Driver’s License at 101 Years Old | Credit

Salvatore takes the car once a week

The hero of Massa Carrara stated that he usually doesn’t need to take the car more than once a week, only to do the shopping. Despite his age, he has always moved around with an electric bike or on foot to be as independent as possible.

Born on December 8, 1923, Salvatore was a naval engineer and accustomed to always being on the move. However, his children reassure the skeptics:He’s not a reckless centenarian; he drives his Panda with caution and attention and uses it very sparingly.” His son Cesare reassures that his father is an exception, a force of nature. We can only compliment him and wish him the best after this historic achievement!

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