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Italy’s smallest village welcomes a new birth: 33 inhabitants and a baby girl

The story of Monterone is an incredible tale: this tiny Italian village, nestled in the province of Lecco, Lombardy, celebrates the arrival of a new member of its community. With only 33 residents, Monterone holds the record as Italy’s smallest village. This recent birth, a baby girl named Marta, brings joy to a village struggling against demographic decline and an aging population.

A birth boom in Monterone: 3 births in 5 years

In the 1920s, Monterone boasted a population of 399 inhabitants, but since then, it has steadily declined. However, in the last five years, the municipality has seen a renewed interest in village life, with three new births, including Marta’s. This sudden increase in the birth rate has even led to discussions of a baby boom.

Monterone - Italy's smallest village
Monterone – Italy’s smallest village | Credit

Despite its diminutive size, Monterone isn’t just a haven for the elderly. Among its 33 inhabitants are 2 teenagers and 3 young children. The arrival of the baby girl was warmly embraced by the residents, who saw in her a bright and hopeful future. During the lockdown due to the health emergency, many visitors from nearby cities, such as Milan and Lecco, chose to take refuge in Monterone, appreciating the tranquility and beauty of its Lombard hills. However, at the end of the emergency, most of them returned to their city lives, leaving behind only the permanent residents.

 Italy’s smallest village rejects talks of merging with other villages

Monterone’s mayor, Dario Pesenti, a 54-year-old lawyer by profession, insists on maintaining the municipality’s autonomy, rejecting any discussions regarding merging with neighboring towns. Despite the challenges residents face in such an isolated location, their determination to remain independent is evident.

No one wants to entertain the idea of merging with neighboring towns, like Bellabio, the closest village located 16 km away through steep winding roads and over 30 minutes by car.

Monterone offers breathtaking scenery, but its inhabitants must contend with the difficulties of being far from the services and conveniences of larger cities, especially concerning healthcare. However, the arrival of a new birth brings hope and joy, illuminating the future of this fascinating and remote Lombard village.

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